Friday, 7 December 2007

Asian Idol

I'm back! But still busy as usual. Its normal that year end everyone swipe their cards till burst and all trying to cheat their way to apply for another card to cover up their long due debts. Too bad their worst nightmare Mr. Kenny Choo, Card Processing Officer of OCBC is an expert in rejecting applications. I got the lowest approval rate and one of the highest rejection percentage. Haha *evil grin*

on the other hand, I'm making public announcement that the Idol fever has infected Malaysia once again. Don't worry not talking bout the second rated Malaysian Idol replacement, One In A Million (which has started also, not bad also le) but the biggest Idol event in Asia. It's the ASIAN IDOL! So excited about it as Malaysia sent their best representative, Jaclyn Victor to belt out her best vocal with the rest of the Asian Idols. Yoohoo!

No doubt Jaclyn will eventually(hopefully) claim the throne but there's some strong competitors from the other countries. They are Indonesian Idol - Mike Mohede, Season 2 Winner, Indian Idol - Abhijeet Sawant, Season 1 Winner, Philippine Idol - Mau Marcelo, Season 1 Winner, Singapore Idol - Hady Mirza, Season 2 Winner and Vietnam Idol - Phương Vy, Season 1 Winner. I think the strongest after Jaclyn will be Mau and Hady.

Jaclyn Victor always reminded me of my 5yrs English Language teacher Ms Raguna. Not only there's some resemblance in looks but she even has the same high pitch voice just for a different purpose. She chooses to use it to scold students. But so far I didn't get any "singing" session from her. Wonder where is she and what is she doing now. Anyone knows?

The show starts tomorrow. The preview Road to Asian Idol will be on 8tv 11pm 8th Dec. Hopefully the voting details will be out soon. So as a Malaysian please do vote at least one vote as a national gesture to support her. Its definitely more useful to spend your money and energy here for the sake of Malaysia than doing all those cheap pre-election publicity. Let us all unite for this event. 1 Malaysian, 1 Vote. Haha now I sounds like a politician doing cheap publicity.

For now lets get our ears warmed up with Jac's classic Gemilang. *Cheers*

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