Monday, 17 December 2007


Jac has lost in Asian Idol. Not only her, Mau, Mike, Phuong Vy and the India fella lost too. As quoted by the India judge, " I hope (the India fella-name too difficult to remember) wins, but Jac and Mau has a good chance. We do have to prepare ourselves no matter what, even for some upsets as Hady Mirza (Singapore) might rise above all someway, somehow." WTF?

But true enough it came true. Hady Mirza from Singapore Idol won the Asian Idol. Well, he will be another Daniel Lee where everyone will complain at first and idolises him in the end. So I shall say no more, super disappointed as Mau, Mike, Jac and even Phuong did so well. So good luck to Jac in the future.

Updated: Here's the clips on Jac's performances.

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Ken said...

Me, too.. im very disappointed. it's not the judge's fault. i believe they have voted for Mau or Mike or Jac. Unfortunately, this is actually an SMS contest and not a Singing Contest. Sorry but Hady is not good. I hope Hady reads this blog

sad Asian said...

I am also very disappointed as what Simon Cowell would certainly said "This is a singing competition!" Again Asians have proven that we prefer looks rather than talents :(

Kenny Choo said...

This kinda competition is never fair. Is not his fault too, is the voters. Well, good singers don't win competitions like that. Just felt a little wasted for Mau, Mike and Jac for putting so much effort and losing.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!