Saturday, 20 October 2007

Post Kure Kure

Ever trusted our Malaysia postal service. Many weeks ago, Kok Hong sent over a parcel from Japan. Arigato Wan San!!! Haha. To me delight, as I open the package, the next thing you know is some blardy bastard rats who opened the package of Japanese Mentos and cause all the lovely Mentos to drop out everywhere.

Worse I notice there is one missing and only on flavour not opened. Which is strawberry. Maybe they don't like that flavour. I was so furious over that incident.

Then as I planned for a very long time, I at last manage to find all the stuff to be send to Kok Hong. Was very worried will the open it for inspection, cause it is all cooking seasoning and a PIRATED CD. I paste the CD with a sticker and write the CD key in the birthday card. How genius. At least enough to fool those people in Pos Malaysia.

On the day of departure of the package in Pos Malaysia Main Building, Jason and me, was lining up. And this question simultaneously pop up in our mind. How long will it take to reach? That must be judged by the speed they are working as we re lining up.

Then its our turn, so I went to ask the Mak Cik which is half asleep.
Me: Jadi perlu berapa lama sampai kalau terbang? Mak Cik: Seminggu kut... (yawn)

Kalau kapal? Mak Cik: Sebulan? Mungkin tak sampai, s'bab sampan tengelam...

Hah? Tak sampai? Jadi camne? Mak Cik: Tak sampai maksudnya tak dapat le...

Me: (I was in a good mood, so...)
Jadi takpe le, kalau tengellam, saya buat expedisi titanic... Mak Cik: (Woke up) Hahahaha

Tak pe la. Saya nak terbang la, kalau macam tu. Mak Cik: OK.

After that I really have no comment. I wonder this kinda of people serve Datuk Robinson is my previous post. Wonder what will happen?

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