Monday, 15 October 2007

Let's Start It All Over Again!!!

Mourning days are over. It should have been for a very long time. Made too much people worried for me. At least I can say there's a few. Wouldn't wanna risk losing the rest because of constant long-face display. Tried my best to hide, but still gotta say sorry to those I emoed to. Especially to those who are innocent. Haha.

It's all over. It should have been for a very long time. Its time to reevaluate what is important and what is not. Especially those that I've been took for granted. Gotta emphasis on the things which is most important to me.

This also randomly remind me about the theory which Yi New and I discussed out of boredom at work. Theory of the lotus and the sunflower.

Think it this way, lotus, despite living in murky water and stinky lake. It manage to emerge out to be a lovely flower. Never complained and never have the urge to climb out from the muddy water to be like the rest of the flowers. Instead it adapt to its surroundings and contrast itself to the nasty background.

But at the other hand, a sunflower. Stands up where ever it is. Always look up to the sky facing the sun. Seeking attention from passerby. But guess what? These are the ones who will be picked up and harmed. So bad that even its seeds is eaten.

So what kinda flower you wish to be? It's your choice.

Look ahead, see what is important. Been telling this to Eang Bee yet I myself forgot bout it. To end this post. Let's all live happily then. ONE LOVE.

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