Sunday, 21 October 2007

Star Idol Malaysia 2007

Whoa what a grand finale? Really amazed me. Never thought it will be so grand and so star studded. Lucky me rush home after work to catch it. It was the Grand Finale of Star Idol Malaysia 2007 (its a Chinese programme and a production of ntv7, so it's kinda normal not much people know's bout it)

Was very happy that at last talent do pay off in popularity SMS shows. My choice, Mayjune reign over popularity of MJ. But the most impressive of all is the amount of VIP the invited for that night. My initial choice was Hishiko, but kena kick out too early. Me too stingy to vote.

1st on the list is Chu MiMi, a Malaysian who not much people know she is, who acted in tonnes of TVB drama. Then, there is Fong PoPo, a veteran Hong Kong actress who starts acting since 6. Amazing.

Then there is V Chuan and Chuan Yi. Both very talented singer and Dennis of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia. Overall was kinda proud of Malaysia being able to put up such a show. Can't wait to see more to come. Its a small step eventhough its not up to everyone's standard. But at least there's a step taken. Me also in the process of taking small steps to make big changes.

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