Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ignorance is a bliss

Freaking low. Ignorance is a bliss. To those that are being supportive thanks.

Updated: Having depression now. Dunno why? There's a reason, but I can just say I'm speechless.
1st definitely to say sorry to those I accidentally hurt. I never meant it. It will be crazy for me to broke something i built for such a long time.

But my heart is seriously bleeding with a twenty inch cleaver slashing through it. What can i say? I was told I'm someone which I myself are against strongly, a person who doesn't appreciate friends. My heart was really broke into two. I'm not blaming anyone seriously, but if i do portray myself to be this way I'm really sorry.

There's nothing much to be say now but I should just say I'm sorry to the both of you. I hope you know who you are.

On another matter, I'm really starting to doubt myself. Am I setting my priority right? I put certain 1st yet being disappointed. Really questioning my own principles. I've been putting friendships above my own family yet I'm being disappointed. I think I owe a big apology to my family.

And being observant is never a good thing. People will not blame you for not knowing something yet being to observant and care bout everything which is so call important to you, is just a way to invite unwanted hatred. Noticed that only to care those who really worth it. Which I hope are all of you guys out there. I mean every single one.

Those that care bout me. Don't worry I'm fine. Haven't die yet. Resetting my principles, credibility and etc. Been listening to this song non-stop.

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