Sunday, 2 September 2007

Smells Fishy 2

As promised, you all know how stupid is the ticketing system in Aquaria? Firstly you have to pay like RM20 to RM30 to get a card which look kinda hi-tech. I was at first kinda thrill to see such technology and thought it will serve some purpose in some sort of machines in the exhibition area.

So I did guessed wrongly. Upon the reaching entrance, you will see a few majestic lrt-lookalike sort of gateway. And then as I was going to insert the card then the guy who had been standing there all along snatch my card and insert it for me. =.= I also expected the card to pop-up after that. Well as you all will have just guess, nothing came out of it.

So the idea is, I bought a hi-tech card-ticket to be pass on to an attendant. I don't see the rational here. Better off they take my money at the cashier and shout loudly "Buka pintu!!!" at the attendant to open the door for me. Then we will save tonnes on the cards and save the earth from these harmful non-biodegradable card.

Back to the fishes, there's plenty of fishes that you can't really get in your daily market or dining table. But I bet you wouldn't wanna taste this angel fish. Not really angelic anyway.

Then there's this pre-historic looking crab-alike thingy which is called a belangkas.

A hermit crab. By the way this disgusting creatures were carried out from the pond by Tze Yee. Eww.

But I did my part too. I posed with the starfish. Sadly it doesn't turn me into a superstar.

Then, Tze Yee also say, "I wan, i wan." =.=

Since two star fish is out of the water, the next thing to do is to copulate them. Muax muax. Evil me. But its for the sake of the future generation.

Then we saw Nemo's friend, Dory is the name think. The only Dory I know is those landed on my plate when I'm having fish and chips.

A giant frog which is bigger than Tze Yee's hand.

Then, my favourite. The turtle. Its call the coral turtle I think.

The tracking device for turtle with advertisement on it. Got TV3 and The Body Shop.

And guess what is this? A siamese turtle twins. Not mirror effect.

Stay tuned for more to come... Very tired now. So thanks for reading. Starting from this post, I will have daily notes on things I come across today which is too short to be made into a post.

Note of the Day (NOD):
>I had 3 meals of carbonara spaghetti with cili padi. Yum yum, my own recipe.
>And I just notice that Melaka no longer have a Sultan eventhough it use to be so majestic with the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. How sad...

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