Monday, 10 September 2007

Joyride Through The Toll

Its the celebration of the Fat's birthday. Its very fattening indeed, but I will come to that part later. So at around 10 something-ish (according to Sam) on Saturday, Sam and Kevin came to pick me up at my house and we headed to Zhi Wei's to pick him up. Then we travel all the way to Damansara Sierramas for Khai Xiang.

We lost our way there, and we almost ended up in Genting. But at last we managed reach and play with Khai Xiang's bitch and envying all the houses (mansions) there..."drooling" then we went to Damansara Uptown for Hokkien Mee, Loh Mee and Pork Soup. This is the fattening part. Haha. And Sam's at last got to open his present, and this was how he looks like.

Then after that we send Khai Xiang home, and we pass by this toll and we saw this sign.

And very obvious the collector did none of the above which later made us came up with this brilliant idea on how to travel for free. Since, they don't do the things that they want us to remind them, so we shall do this.

So we also don't need to pay any toll if we have this sign on our car. Haha. But at last Wei Sam did ask the Kak to smile and she did smile and said Terima Kasih. She must be very grateful that someone actually joke with her on that boring night.


GaViN said...


Memang Creative....

Entertained my day.

Kenny Choo said...

Haha just a random thought. Haha still boring at work? Thks for dropping a comment. Nowadays all the lazy bums only leave comments in the chat. Haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!