Saturday, 15 September 2007


Friendships, what a strong word, but how many of us will stop for awhile and take some time to think about this word. For me, any human relationships which revolves around more than one person is a kinda bond that means something, let it be just friendships, family relations, love or just a simple bond you built with a stranger. This kinda relationships is never easy to maintain or preserve, but if you do have such relationships, you really have to be grateful as it doesn't come around everytime and once you start to take things for granted, then you just lost another person who care for you. And if you think you have too many friends and thus you can afford to lose one or two friendships, then you better be careful as many more will leave you, just like how you leave some of them.

This purely what I think about friendship, so if you disagree you can always voice up here. Its nice to know how other people think about this topic. But to me, the only valuable assets a person should be proud of. This is something money can't buy and it will bring to you great things but at the same time will bring you down badly. This is all depends on how you treat these relationships.

So you wanna know what I look for in a friendship? Well, I'm pretty okay with everything. To me it's always good to know different people. From there you will learn and be exposed to things you never know that you will encounter. In the good way of course. But even some will bring you negative elements, it's not always a bad thing. From there you will learn to choose and you will always have choices.

And what kinda people will get on my nerves? Nothing much except this few...

1) People who are not grateful of others. A known fact is that no one owes anyone anything including your own parents. You can say is your parent's responsibility to care for you, but what do they get in return then? So what's more if it's a friend? So the next time someone care for you in whatever way, think again of the respond you will give. Cause people will not suka-suka waste even one drop of energy just for you to turn them down. Its no point for them to waste resources on you if you don't appreciate. Its like mencurahkan air ke atas daun keladi, haha I still remember my peribahasa.

2) People who sell themselves up or betray their own principle just to achieve certain goal. If you were to do this, no one will have the idea who you are as you will chase different goals using different identities. So when these people look into the mirror, I hope they will still recognise themselves. Even when you do achieve something through this way, I don't think you will enjoy it, as it is not you who achieve it but someone that somehow used your body to achieve it and you will have to bare with that forever.

3) People who build relationships just for the sake of getting something out of you. I know this is pretty normal. I can't say that I'm 100% not guilty in this case, but I can 100% be sure that I never put benefit as a priority in all the friendships I made. As far as all of these is concern, I'm really truthful to everyone which I know. To me, I will not be Kenny Choo if I'm unable to be myself. This also applies to those who is double face. Another friendship taboo to me.

Other than the 3 kinds of people above, I treat everyone as my friends. Maybe some don't consider me as theirs but I will definitely do. Only those who is unable to gain respect from me, then I will be unable to label them as my friends. Its a natural thing that my brain is set to function this way. This is one of the thing I'm trying to change.

Through out all these years there's plenty of friends I knew and I'm glad to have them. Here I would like to thank all of them, and to be fair, I will only mention from where I know them. And the nominees are:

1) Those in S. K. Taman Segar. Those people who gone through thick and thin with me when I was young.

2) Those in Methodist Boys' School, KL. Those who left me with lotsa memories and some still haunt me till today.

3) Those that I met in Pudu English Secondary School. Those crazy girls that will go wild with you.

4) Those I met in camps and tuition classes. Some might forget their names but still remember their faces.

5) Those I met through friends in high school.

6) Those I met online and especially those I was able to meet you guys in real life.

6) The colleagues in Nike Berjaya Times Square. The ones who guide me in the working life.

7) Those in KBU International. The Mang Liuz and also the college mates which brought me tonnes of new experiences and fun.

8) The new to the addition, those in OCBC.

9) Those that I left out but I've met and knew you.

10) And to make it perfect 10, my family members are also one of my best friends...

Hopefully the list will continues and the message here today is to appreciate the people around you.


GaViN said...

Wow...Friendship. Memang la friendship macam ship.Can travel far or either tenggelam easily.
So,fren..when sud we go kacau Jeff?? Wakekekeke... Looking forward to it(evil minded). Wanna c jeff encountering gay customers Wahahaha!

Kenny said...

Haha just now u not free, me and sai meng also say him d. this fri la, u aft work free anot? we all including siew wui all go rombongan pengacau jeffrey.

siewwui said...

wah so touching... glad to have u as a friend too... take care.

Kenny Choo said...

Im glad to have you guys also. Even we are far apart, actually more nearer now in Semenyih, but i hope we will keep in touch and care for each other always... Appreciation is the key... Haha look forward to see u all soon la

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!