Friday, 31 August 2007

A Letter For My Love One, Malaysia

Dear Malaysia,

This letter is truly dedicated for you lah. Its your big day mah. What to do? Nah, I am really proud of you and being your citizen. Even though there's ups and downs also lah, but these are those things that make this 50 years interesting.

Since its your big day, so I give face to you loh and not to comment bout the people that run you. But I am still truly glad that I'm born as a Malaysian. Even though I don't think you are perfect, but this is what makes you so real loh. So real enough that actually it train us Malaysian to be stronger than many other people out there.

Sometimes ark, things which is not perfect which makes it more valuable. Just like me loh, I always only know how to complain but never really change before. But you see horr, because of all this imperfections, it makes me more unique. So this makes me Kenny Choo and you as Malaysia.

What is the best about you is definitely your diversity loh. Thanks to you, I gain weight so much just to try all the food from all sorts of races in this country. So ark, you better sponsor my gym fees soon. But its true that this year I can really see the diversity from the celebration of your birthday.

Still ark, hopefully this diversity will hold on and the core element which is incorporated in every aspect of you not just as a show show on national day only lah. Can say ark, you don't need to be perfect but with this one element of diversity and fairness, I tell u lah u will sure go far. I have high hopes on you.

So all the best in future and I will like to say I love all the people that live in you especially those that reads my blog. So until then, I chau sin loh...

Your sweetie,


Lotsa kisses lah

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