Friday, 17 August 2007

Pass With Flying Monochrome

16th August 2007. I shall remember this day. Very dramatic indeed. So many unlucky and lucky things happen in the same day and its my A-levels result day. I'm free at last. So to make it interesting, this is my list of unlucky and lucky things that happen today in my life.

U:Sandra passed me 60 card cases to process today and I only did 7 before this. Means more defects to come.
L:This means high OT pay and at last Sandra allow me to finish 50 only.

U:I lost my password. And the process is I have to get the sign and scolding from my boss and my bosses boss. And I have to wait like an idiot for 3 weeks.
L:After a millions times of trying and calling and begging the ID dept. I managed to recover my password.

U:I promised Jeffrey to go dinner and I have to do OT.
L:He got screwed by his parents so he must eat dinner at home.

U:My phone run out of battery. Normally if this happen I can't start it and I have to send it to the centre which is SINGAPORE.
L:Its still alive.

U:Went out yumcha until very late. Mum sure screw.
L:I'm working so have excuse and she sleep d when I reached home. But 37 missed calls. Geng le.

U:I got ABBC for my result and my maths is 79.1 which is 0.9 to A
L:There's nothing lucky about it.

The result is the average of all the best scored papers.

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