Sunday, 12 August 2007


Sorry guys for the unsuccessful link for the Simpsonizer. Here's the correct link. These days are busy being taught on how to process card and see people got scold for doing mistakes. Just stay on and you will see me get scolding as well. Part of working.

In this post not only I will update the link, I will also update you guys on the news where by the singer got sodomised. From some insider story (identity too classified), it turn out to be a "famous" Hokkien singer which is a gay and by the name of Yuan Yang. Lolz. How not interesting is that? But the verification is still pending, so its not verified true yet.

Updates on my life are as listed:
1) Got my workstation and passwords at last.
2) Processed 4 cards so far.
3) Jinlami-ed with Sam, Jervis and Ken Han.
4) Had diarrhea after mamaking. And I did it with an astonishing record of 8 times in 10 hours.
5) Glad that Jervis is now placed to sit beside our lady-boss. Means increment for him and back up support for me.
6) Worried to process more cards.
7) Being searched by the police at 3am in the morning.

For more details on my mamaking journey and why i got search by the police, check out Sam's blog here.
Please notify:
1) The patrol car is moving at 40 km/h. So can't really blame me.
2) Sam doesn't have his back P sticker on.
3) It's my mum's fault for making Sam sending me home

Conclusion. I'm "INNOCENT". Haha. But still have to thanks Sam for going through all this and so mahfan. Hopefully is blessing in disguise after all. But the most memorable part is they suspect us of taking drugs and search your car for drugs. They even thought we just came back from clubbing and guess what are we wearing? T-shirt, shorts and slippers. Very mesra cepat dan betul indeed.

And this shall be my 1st post without pictures. Can't help it, its just an update. Or in another words I'm just lazy to edit pics.

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