Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What A Piece Of Cake

Was in Mid Valley buying bread from the Jusco bakery when I saw this particular cake. Cute indeed. It's a cake with Malaysia flag, the Jalur Gemilang. But wait a minute, who the hell gonna buy it when the Independence Day is one month away? Who will wanna share their cake with the country? Maybe those last minute people will take it as a last solution when all the rest of the cakes is sold out. At least that is what I think.

Ironically the next morning, when I turn on the radio, I heard this news where by cake with the Jalur Gemilang is banned and people will be fine for buying and consuming it. Their reason is simple. Cutting and eating it is consider disrespect to the flag. But what the heck? What if I wanna have a part of the country in me? Isn't that a noble thing to do? And isn't that a good thing that people willing to accept such hideous cake and share their birthday with the country? And now they are even coming out with guidelines on how you are suppose to display your flag. It's already difficult to ask the public to display flags and yet now they wanna implement guidelines. =.= My mum is like, "wah then alot people can save money d."

So just imagine when you are happily cutting your Jalur Gemilang cake and then you start hearing helicopter and patrol car siren. Out of a sudden a whole SDU squad with ISA gonna arrest you for being a traitor to the country. So better off cut a normal cake or own a country then you can cut the cake with the flag of your country.

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