Sunday, 5 August 2007

Are You Safe?

A scary news from Kok Hong all the way in Japan to tell me a news about what happen here in Klang. How ironic? But this is still not the point. It happens very near to us, Puncak Alam, Klang. I think the nearest to Jess Wong. A popular Chinese singer is raped and robbed there after a stage performance.

But wait, did I mention that he is a guy? Pick up your jaws now. He is indeed a guy. And he was sodomised and robbed RM500 by 10 men. Whoa gangbang. Something that we use to do to Jeffrey. He was then taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital medical check up. And guess what? He is 30 years old and releases 3 albums. Hmmm wonder who? A few names is nominated on MSN discussion. To know the detail, you can read it in The Star through this link.

Kok Hong suggested Guang Liang.Me suggested KK.

Zhi Wei suggested Chaw Ge, Gary. Can't blame us to suspect them. They are good in sending wrong signals. But Chaw Ge is definitely in KL cause I saw him in Mid Valley the other day.

So who else did we miss? No offence to both Chaw Ge and Guang Liang. I'm fan of them too but just can't help to wonder. Especially Chaw Ge as he also releases 3 album.

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