Wednesday, 8 August 2007

True Or Not?

Eang Bee forwarded this e-mail to me. Normally forwarded e-mails don't catch my attention. But this one got me thinking. A girl (supposedly) created this e-mail to warn other about this guy. Then the question comes. If he was to do all this thing and shouldn't the girl go and report to the police or something? Or this is the sick joke, this guy must had just stepped onto someone's tail. The e-mail goes like this.

Text in red and italic are my comments. For entertainment purposes only. Part of the e-mail was cut off due to the fact it is forwarded a million times and certain things doesn't make sense.

He is a very sweet talker. As my age, I really believe what he said to me like how much he loved me and his promises to me. (Then you are stupid) So, I decided to meet up.Our 1st date is at Christmas 2006. My mum not allow me go out till late night so we decided not celebrate at KL.After a dinner and movie, he say bring me to clubbing at one of the pub and bistro at PJ. In the club he is introduce some of his friends to me (Named Jason, Alex and Mike) and he is offering me to take a lot of alcoholic drinks and he tell me that he will take care of me. That night everybody was drunk till very high and I suspect they have drop something in my drink.. because after the next day I like not very sure was happening after the clubbing session and I feel that my private part very pain and rashes and I lost my virgin! (Lost virgin?) In the motel, I found he sleep beside me, and he told me that he will take responsibility and after I graduate he will marry me.After that night he like totally disappear for 2 weeks.. finally he called me and ask me out. He is giving the explanation like his is rushing his advertising job so that he don’t have time to meet me. This time he offer me to sex with him in the car and blow job to him. I feel very weird! But I think that if you love someone you have too right?( You think?) After someday I feel that they way he treat me is totally different than before I give my everything to him. Sometimes he totally don’t care my feeling that I listened he sweet talk to other girls. He said is client.. but I don’t think so..Do you boyfriend or husband simply tell girl that " I so miss you dear, You are my sweetheart, please give me a chance to take care of you or since the 1st day saw you I am very sure that god create you for me"( You actually believed him? ) I was very not in a good mood hearing or saw his sms. I found my private part like become very worst, Itchy and Redness.Everytime after sex when he lay beside me I will check his sms. One day, I found that a video clip on his phone that was shooting me was raped by the 3 of his friends when the 1st night. This is not a kinda fun! I almost become crazy when I saw that video clip I am very worried that when someday the video clip will sent out to other peoples….I don’t dare to go out, don’t dare to meet people coz I feel shy and regret.Today I go to take my body check-up report. ( Wah, you can actually detach your body?)The report shows that I been suspected AIDS!Doctor advised me to do they other check up to re-confirm.I really no such energetic to check again. I don’t dare to make a police report because I don’t know how to face my parent and classmate. ( And let him spread the disease to others?) But I decided to speared this email out to share my REAL Story to you I leave this world. This guy is DARKEN my future and my shinny day. I found myself is DIRTY!Attached is his picture which I got. **If U See this PLAYBOY or LOVER CHEATER, Please wake up your mind and don’t believe to what he CHEAT you with his sweet talk. ** Please help forward this mail to your colleague, sisters & everyone u love!if you know this guy or currently he is your net friend PLEASE becareful, girls please protect yourself and not follow my ending!SO that there will be no next victims like me. Thank you very much!

This are the photos attached with the e-mail. He do look kinda pervertish. But if he is framed then really sorry man.

But lastly also the girl is the one that really I shall say "cari pasal". So think about it la. I treat it as a story. So anyone saw this guy before?

PS: If this case was to be true, then I'm very sorry to the victim and for god sake go and make a police report.

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