Monday, 6 August 2007

Water With Fart That Cost RM9?

Last week (As in the week that just past) was a crazy week. Monday I'm happily having my great time at home. Tuesday still happily go to gym with Jeffrey until receive a call about my job then went to sign the agreement, which I never plan to sign earlier on. Then Wednesday I started working. The week before that I never even thought of working. So on the weekend I found something interesting in my fridge. A bottle of Perrier. Whoa how interesting?

Well my cousin's boyfriend works in Maggi and have tonnes of it. This kinda of things of course you get it for free. Who freaking hell will buy a bottle of gassy water for freaking 9 bucks? Its definitely nice to hold on to. Then I opened it. Pop the cap opens and gas spurt out. Then I started to smell it. Sniff sniff. No smell.

With tonnes of anxiety I tasted it. Eww. Yucks. What the hell in THE MUTHA ****ER LAND is that? Its gassy, bitter and kinda sour due to the Carbon Dioxide. Eww I just can't bear finishing it.

Then I read the label "Natural Mineral Water Fortified With Gas From The Spring". Wtf? As in the Carbon Dioxide there? Imagine this scenario, its a lovely spring, guarded to keep humans out and deers and birds wandering around. Then there's a machine which collects Carbon Dioxide. What if the deer just so walk pass it and farted? Pure Carbon Dioxide with extra flavour. Eww.

End of story. Wanna know what I did last Friday with full illustrations? Read Ken Han's blog here.

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