Friday, 3 August 2007

Prison Break

Been working for two days already. More like studying. Its like attending Ms. Jane's Biology class (which is boring) but she doesn't teach and we are suppose to read notes only. But at least today we are attached to a senior and we can know what the hell we are reading. From there only one conclusion, screw up= they screw you. Lolz. But its pretty interesting. But the notes really killing me.

Thank god I have my companion. And its definitely not Jervis. Its my beloved MP3 player. Jervis will only be a good companion if only he can stop asking "Is it lunch yet?" or "Is it 6 yet?". Haha.

The building do look kinda disappointing from outside. Its the 1st main building for OCBC bank. So can't really expect much. But when I stepped in I was amazed. Well, they just renovated it, so its freaking nice and clean. But our workstation not ready yet.

And I think its illegal to take pictures in there. So all the pictures is took using my handphone camera. Sorry for the poor quality.

Well nothing much can be say now. Just that my colleagues are very nice. Despite being the youngest with Jervis and another girl, but some of them really thought we got our degree already. So here's some random pictures took after the exams. 1st would be the dog in Jervis's car masturbating. Work of art by again Ken Han and me.

Then this is the sign near Ken Han's house. Well dogs nowadays can actually read.

And lastly the water lilies outside my house actually bloom. Thanks to my neighbour. If its manage by my mum you will see a vegetable farm instead with chili padi growing in it or maybe even durian tree.

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