Thursday, 30 August 2007

Smells Fishy.

Out to fish. Not a fishing trip but a fish seeing trip. Quite some time already but now only finishing editing all the pictures. So why the heck does people pay RM20+ to see fishes in tank that normally end up at the dinning table? (Its a grouper/kerapu by the way)

Cause they have nothing else better to do like me. So I end up pulling Tze Yee along to Aquaria KLCC. Well, that lucky girl is leaving for UK soon, so I pull her along to do all the boring stuff with me as I can't find another person as boring as her. Haha.

Skip this post if you are allergic to fishes cam-whoring. There's like a few dozens of pictures where the fishes say cheese and put up a peace sign.

There's even some shell fishes such as "lala" which will bloat their faces and put up a peace sign near their faces. But you can't really much of those in Aquaria but you can definitely see it in our famous river, Sg Wang. Sorry, I'm so so evil. (A nautilus in the pic. Very interesting creature. As mentioned in The Da Vincci Code)

Wait a minute. That two are not fishes. Those are in the species of manusia yang tak malu sp.

So that's all for now. More to come in the next post. Very late already and I have to work tomorrow. Gotta tell u guys how stupid is the ticketing system in Aquaria.

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