Friday, 30 May 2008

I'm So Broke!

Just in two weeks I bought myself...let me see... one, two, three oh.. 7 pieces of shirts and pants.

Yeap I know... I'm a shopaholic. But when you are unemployed and college drop out *no*, that's what you do best. It's a right thing that I hold on to my salary and the time is right.

It's sales again. And it's unbelievable crazy despite that food price is increasing.

Hmm why don't they have 70% discount for rice purchases?

Ok it's time to reveal which sales is worth going and all.

Last week I saw the newsletter for the Isetan Sale...

KLCC 10th Anniversary and Member Presale. But I'm not a member, so kinda careless bout it.

But the one in The Gardens is having Nike sale. No way I gonna miss it. I need to replenish my gym clothings. So I dash over after my gym.

Apparently it was closed for members due to the Pre-Sale...which is not freaking stated in the other sale. But I'm not gonna come back on Saturday cause it will be a havoc then.

So I paid RM20 to be a member for two years and hopefully it somehow pays back if I get to buy lotsa Nike stuff.

Damn it enough. The SOB of all Japanese Isetan *cough* the sale was a scam. There's only like 5 choices of Nike T-shirts (cotton type) and 3 Adidas Training shirts which only left L and XL sizes.

Yeap the promoter used the term "left". WTF it was the 1st day and that's the only sizes left? WTF WTF!!! And the rest of the so call 70% discount is just rubbish!

Pretty fumed over the matter, I almost wanted to dashed down to the counter and asked for refund. Then I passed by the men's department. Wala... I see people in chaos. Raoul, Daniel Hacther, Renoma, Smalto, and etc etc brand all having 70%!!!

Even Padini and Seed too!!! Okay then I know my RM20 worth every cent.

So here it is...

Seed woven shirt. 70% discount. *ain't gonna tell you the price*

Some Seed shirt 70% off. Available in 3 colours. Bought the brown one.

Polo tees. 70% too. *ignore the model and the phone* Camera didn't work that day.

A Smalto shirt. Which I didn't get coz I got myself this... (70% too)

A freaking nice to see and touch Key Ng shirt!!!

All the clothes just shouted "Buy ME!!!" to my wallet.

And also there's this white shirt which is kinda very smooth and thick which can be wear as a jacket cause it has hidden buttons which is very nice. Too bad only one left and it's S size which the sleeve is too short. Hmmm

There's plenty of better deal like Raoul and all but it's just too much for me and for my wallet. So shall wait till my next salary and next sale.

Isetan Sale-23 May to 18 June (worth a visit especially The Gardens ) *drool over Raoul 400 bucks shirt*

During the Padini Warehouse sale in Sogo KL (past d) I also bought myself a cufflink shirt! My 1st every! Ok shaddap I know I big deal. But still! My 1st!

Too bad it doesn't comes with a free cufflink. :P

The Metrojaya Sale is quite okay too with items range main from 50%-70% discount.

Metrojaya Blockbuster Sale- 22 May to 8 June

And this is the last one. Lotsa branded shoes and shirts too. Dropped by today. Bought too many shirts so didn't get anything.

Saw a pair of Vans shoes which is a great deal. But too bad no size for me.

Tangs Clearance Sale-27 to 30 May 2008

Billabong is having sales too. Go to the nearest shop and take a look. As for me... I shall check on my financial account now... SO DEAD MEAT!

Update: Fine, the Isetan in The Gardens add more stocks to their Nike fair. Yeap now they do have some great deals. But WTF? I spend most of my money on shirts d. Damn it!

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