Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Malaysia East Coast (Pulau Kapas) Trip 2008-Day 2 ( Snorkelling At Last!)

This post should have been done long time ago and I know it's very long awaited (there's people out there who want to read it, so shaddap if you are not one of them) Lol. So let see...

On day 2, we went snorkeling at last. Day started as usual with breakfast.


A scrumptious breakfast. Fine, it's not that scrumptious. *lolz* And that's not my serving. Mine was x10, imagine it ya!


What is a holiday breakfast without a cup of coffee. Note: I said holiday breakfast cause I don't take breakfast or lunch at home. *wahaha*


All (me) busy digging in and chit chatting.

Then it's to go snorkeling at the other end of the island.


Not by walking, but by boat of course


A very unstable boat which drive the girls crazy everytime there's a big wave coming.


Some tak malu fella trying to fake her way to take pictures and tell people that she went snorkelling. Fact: She is the swimmer who didn't went snorkeling. *lolz*


And this is how clear the water at the snorkeling spot.


Our stop. A deserted shore with a huge tree as shade. Well more for the "swimmers" who didn't want to snorkel.


And it's time.


Getting use to the water and the gear. Hmm wait a minute. I thought I can't swim? Well it's super alright with the safety jacket. Hmm "swimmers" =.=


Floating corpse. *choi choi*


A super rare sight. Kenny Choo in the water. *wink*


Don't blame me. I live in a valley with no sea. And All my life I've been either living on the hill, 15th floor apartment or now worse a mountain. Lol no flood anytime soon.


Forgive her sampatness. She have nothing else to do. And no we wont pull u out if you stuck in there.


Very interesting "hole". What's with all the hole formation?


How nice if I can snorkel everyday? Like how nice if this is outside my front yard. *dream*

The snorkeling spot is fairly good with lotsa fishes and a number of coral. Just beware of jelly fishes and sea urchin. Lolz panic when saw a bunch of sea urchin wiggling their spikes at me few inches away.

No pics underwater too cause I was too confident that Pulau Kapas is modernised enough to have a 7-11 which sell disposable underwater camera.

But I came out with a solution later. Stay tuned on the next post to find out. And now is that time again. Postcard pictures!














And then we found something that can be brought out of the water.


Eang Bee's best friend: The Sea Cucumber!


Very deadly, at least to her. Cause:

EB: Eeee soo disgusting. *Poke poke*...
HR: Ah Bee! The camera! *pointing at the half dipped-in-water camera*
EB: Ahhh!!! *screams*

Note: Sea water is super deadly to electronics. Believe me. None of the gadgets in the trip which has contact with the sea water had survive.


Anyhow the sea cucumber still camwhored.


Pose pose.


ANTM pose!


No these ain't normal rocks.


It's oysters. (Ah shaddap, it's not clam. It's oysters!) U can even spot a pearl. Lololol

After that we went back to our own beach and have chill. And we spotted:


Two kids making sand castle.


A girl who is making cookie dough but end up with a dinosour nest. Lol


A heart shape stone/coral/whatever.


A crap (crab).

I think that's all for now. Here's something for you. Kinda crappy.


It's the stuff that came out from the sea cucumber after we played with it for a while. Hmm...hopefully he is alright... *whistle and roll eyes*

Btw, I just found out that Sumatera had earthquake moments ago. And Klang Valley is feeling the after quake. Hmm... 1st some Najis (Nargis) Cyclone in Myanmar*I know I know, serious note*, then the Sichuan Tofu Quake *sorry * and know Sumatera Quake. WTF right!

The Earth is really furious now. I mean with all these disasters and unpredicted weather. I still remember studying in geography period about the monsoon according to the month and how it will flood in the year end due to the heavy rain (musim tengkujuh *lolz I still can remember, thanks Mr. Subra). But nowadays, I think we can see how serious it is when we have flood in the middle of the year and drought in the end of the year.

The Earth is following up with our very own Malaysian election trend. Undi protest (Protest vote)! Lol. *ahem* I mean that the Earth is really voicing up.

So let's all do something and not be like UMNO still living in fantasies that the whole situation is alright. Hmm... I think all of us really need to do something to work together to help the disaster victims and the Earth.

And not doing stupid decisions and comments like Mahathir making a fuss of leaving UMNO and all. I mean there are so many other things that happen in the world and these so call important people only care about their rich ass. (Other than that I still respect Mahathir's wits but not his way of doing things)

Thank god Malaysia is still very much safe from all these unwanted happenings. And to the important people out there, this is really a time to reflect on this kinda stuff. I mean what is the point of having political powers, financial advantages and fame when a country is facing a life threatening disaster.

Hmm… so we all should really be grateful. It’s not impossible that we will be one of the 30, 000 victims in Sichuan one day. And then we will know what is the real meaning of “nothing else matters other than being alive”.

Will update about this soon and search on the ways to donate to these victims.

And and...lolz lotsa extra note today. Happy Birthday Chooi Yee!


KHR said...

cool commentary.
eb got pwned by sea cucumber

Kevin Tan said...

even rarer than kenny in the water... kenny showing his teeth! wakakakaka!

Kenny Choo said...

khr: yeap
kevin: rare right?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!