Sunday, 4 May 2008

Reviu Orang Besi

Not really in the mood to do a long post on the trip yet and the pictures are still not ready. So here's something to post in between of it.

Watched Ironman with Zhi Wei the other day. I should say it was a super duper not-to-be-missed movie. It might sound boring as it is another of those Marvel comic movies especially when Ironman is not really made into a cartoon.


At least not at my age, but...
It's not too much for me to say that it was one of the best superhero movie I have watch and I will tell you why.


#1: The movie is nothing like your ordinary goody good boy cum hero movie which you can better off watching Jesus Christ healing the blind.


Who say superhero can't be self-centered, attention seeker and party goer. Well, Tony Stark is definitely one of a kind super hero.

It makes you feel that no one have to be stereotypical even if you are a superhero. But without missing the purpose of having a superhero at the 1st place.

#2: Where else can you see a striking gold and red iron (actually gold and titanium alloy with red paint) armoured guy walking around other than the dumb robot in Robocop who speaks in a weird accent?


And the best part is he owns the best cars and gadgets every guy who will drool over them. Ahhh the Audi!

#3: Who will wanna miss a real Islamic middle east terrorist as villain. Hey man! That's the real bad guy we are talking about, not some green suited joker or eight legged overweight octopus.

And also the 10 times larger than life Iron Monger in the finale. It's like the bigger and clumsier version of the Ironman.


Eventhough there's lotsa illogical part of the movie such as the technology vs the timeline (taking into consideration that the comic is drawn in the 19something) and the dumbness of the terrorist. God! How can a terrorist can be that simple minded?

But at the end the movie is still a bomb. It's definitely worth every single penny of your ripped off RM20 Premier Class tickets.


Kevin Tan said...

yay i managed to read finish b4 ur song started playing

Kenny Choo said...

But you can always listen to it when u are typing the comments. :P

khr said...

coolest sci-fi movie of the year. those gadgets made me drool.watched twice on the silver screen liao. lol

Kenny Choo said...

lolz yeap one of those movie that worth watching twice

Simon Seow said...

so did you stayed back until the end of the ending credits for the secret scene? I didn't, that's why have to watch again :(

Samuel Lee said...

they did make a cartoon!!! its just really old. and recently there was also an animated movie of iron man. i think its called 'the invincible iron man'. not enuf research kenny...

Kenny Choo said...

simon seow: I didn't know bout it until I read your blog. Lolz. I was watching it at midnight, so straight away left after then show coz it crazy in the cinema area at night when all trying to head to the same place: the carpark

Kenny Choo said...

samuel: yeah, I know about the old cartoon on the red and yellow tin man back then. That's y I said at at my age. That will be my sister's era, wahaha (7 yrs older). But Ironman still didn't able to make it big unlike spidey, x-men and batman or even superman

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