Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Damn Frustrated!

My whole internet connection saga has yet to begun. Hmm much more scandalous than Desperate Housewives (which currently having a it's like anything can happen in Wisteria Lane)

So it all begin with my modem/line/PC/computer got struck by lightning. Poof...*emitting smoke* screen black out.

*panic* I restarted my computer. *sigh of relief* thank god it's okay (connectable).

Opened my blog. Wtf it takes 15 minutes to view my page! Damn it!

Called TM Net. Bla bla bla and then after a millenium...the fella appeared.

"Encik, modem dan line tak rosak, mesti itu network card. Beli yang baru yaaaa."

After two weeks (I was busy, shaddap), I went to Mid Valley to buy the freaking card.

Installed--> Not connectable--> Bring the whole freaking CPU to the shop--> Windows corrupted--> Reinstall a new Windows (5 different discs)--> Motherboard drivers missing!!!

WTF! And off all the drivers I was able to retrieve, the only one missing is the LAN and then Ethernet controller. WTF WTF WTF!!!

Ok! I'm done ranting (with my old windows and old network card-yes I have both in one comp and that's not cool). Dunno what else can I do. Damn frus d. Gonna turn off the freaking comp and read my favourite book. The Art Of Happiness. Hmm how appropriate.

Note: Sorry Mei Sann (My only private advertiser) for being a bad advertisee/blogger. Still working on the new post for your new products. Please bare with me (and my freaking comp!)



ti3nD said...

wah damn cham. when u are rich enough, just change a whole new set larh. old wan dun go, new ones dont come.

Kenny Choo said...

T.T if i'm rich enough le... no money ark!!! Lol

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!