Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Malaysia East Coast (Pulau Kapas) Trip 2008-Day 1.5 ( Beach Activities and Bonfire!)

Been super busy resting and slacking these few days which answers the lack of updates eventhough there's like gazillion more posts on the trip.

So here's a short one, which I manage to finish up while slacking my way clicking the mouse.

Hmmm let see. Oh yea. After checking in, it was damn good to take a hot shower and rest. But no! There's no freaking hot shower. Everything bout the trip is fine except the blardy darn toilet. Basin spoilt, shower with no heater.

Freaking hell, I know I don't use the heater at home but when I travel I miraculously need hot shower. *lololol*

Anyhow, we reached there kinda early. And the 1st thing we do is actually to sleep. =.= *swt* Can't really resist the bed due to the lack of sleep and also the sun is super hot that afternoon.

So we decided to snorkel the next day and be a hermit crab for the day...

And played Monopoly. What the heck? Lololol we traveled coast to coast across the country (peninsular) just to play Monopoly. But well that's the best monopoly game I played so far.

Then we dashed over to the restaurant to have lunch

All you can eat Nasi Tomato and side dishes. Me lovin it! But not to the rest. Don't fancy Malay food I guess.

So, when the sun is not that farkingly hot, we crawled our way from the air-conditioned room and to the beach.

AHHHH! Blue sea. And it's seriously blue! Not like Port Dickson, Pangkor, Penang and etc etc.

And it's time to get wet. 1st on...

Kayaking. Not my 1st time. It's my gazillion times doing this, but definitely my 1st time using an opened kayak. Which means water can literally fill the kayak and cause it to overturn!

Which add to the fun! Minus the risk of killing all the gadgets such as digicams and handphones in my bag. Wahaha.

And yea, unfortunately ( I mean gladly!) with her. So much so, not much paddling need to be done by me. All I have to do is to paddle into the middle of nowhere and she will auto paddle it back to the shore. (Lolz female swimmer with a kayak-overturn phobia!)

Then it's time for the things that everyone is good at...


And again! Btw they are Eang Bee, Jennifer and Pei Wen.

A group pic (the only one I think) Taken by a stupid tourist. So, by the silhouettes, the figures are Pei Wen, Jennifer, Hao Ran, Eang Bee, Me and Chi Hoong.

And oh yea, for the 1st time again I manage to bounce rocks on the water surface!

After awhile, it was that time again. More postcard pictures! Sunset... (This time, can be enlarge by just clicking at it)

And the one I like the most...

Cause it looks super red!

My emo masterpiece! Bad hair day!

A small cave that we found. Shall name it Someone's hole. That's just so wrong! Okay, I shall stop here!

When the sun sets, then it's time for dinner. Gosh! I ate so much during the trip. More than what I normally eat in a week. What to do? Traveling!

Dinner is served. This time specially made for us! Most of them don't fancy it too.
So here comes Travel Tips #1: Bring your own cup noodles in case you are picky bout food. Which is not me!

And after dinner and some drama watching. We head on to the night activity.

Beach picnicking with blazing bonfire.

What is a beach picnic without some heat from the fire? See the above... very professionally done!

Staring at it like cyclops to make it blaze!

Notice the white linen? Since we all have an extra bed in the room, so the bed linen is our picnic mat. How clever?
Travel tips #2: Do not have a picnic mat? There's always layers of unused linen or towel in the room. Why waste it? They gonna wash it anyway.

Keep burning!

And make a SOS signal! *crazy*

It was a crazy night and the moon was bright too. So shall end this with a picture of it.

AHHH! How I hope I have a DSLR. Any sponsors?

Btw, the result of Malaysian Dreamgirl is out. And the winner is *prepares rotten tomatoes* CINDY! Lololol *laugh frantically* to Cindy. Kudos!


Kevin Tan said...

waaaa so song with eang be horrr ;)

calvin said...

those girls must be non-bananas since they have problems with the food, rite?

Kenny Choo said...

Kevin: Lololol me and eang bee is as lololol as cindy winning MDG.

Calvin: Only one I thing, but bananas like kevin also dun take much malay food also. Haha

kHR said...

i tot v makan lunch alredi onli went for monopoly game? pls refresh my memory lol

Kenny Choo said...

lolz I also forgot. 4 digicam with 6 photographers. Lolz the pictures not in order d

Samuel Lee said...

wat about ur fishies? u din abandon them for pulau kapas fishies, i hope. i mean, do u still hav ur fishies? or ur aquarium is fishily empty? very fishy.

dat is sum kool hole. i dun mean it in a bad way kay? like a meteor crater that hit the earth horizontally, changed the earth's rotation direction, reversed time, cause aliens to appear, godzilla sa...

KHR said...

lol got pawned by eb in monopoly...

Kenny Choo said...

Samuel Lee: My fishies still doing fine. Kinda obese actually but haven't to the point that they have to swim upside down.

I brought new plants for them today. They seems to be very happy playing hide and seek now. Lololol

Kenny Choo said...

khr: eb got pawned by the sea cucumber!

khr said...

lol she paling syok la rosak so many gadgets during the trip

Kenny Choo said...

lololol blame the sea cucumber lo

Steven said...

glad u had fun there. lol.

greetings from Terengganu.

cheers, mate ;)

Kenny Choo said...

Terengganu should be my next favourite state after KL. Hmm KL is not a state, so it shall be my favourite!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!