Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Journey Of Becoming RM100 Richer *laugh insanely*

It's all started with an anonymous email (I know them actually, but it's much more interesting to start it this way!). The email stated an amount and place of transaction. (Like those mafia movie! A La La Long X3 Long Long Long~~~ ) *ahem*

And the details are as followed:

Amount: RM100 (Considered a lot for an unemployed, so shaddap!)
Address: 12B-03A, 33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak,....
Date: 14 April 2008 (Black Valentine for those who has no idea- celebration for the singles)

So, I begin my journey by driving along Jalan Sultan Ismail and saw a signboard showing Jalan Yap Ah Shak. So I illegally parked my car. (I tai kor mah!)


And I found this building, No. 33. Whoa mafias nowadays are so high class!
Then I start to look around!


It's opposite The Loft. Whoa! This must be the place they hangout and get deals done.


And also share the same building as Bed!
Then I went in and registered with the guards who looks very suspicious. Tattoo and scars on his face and body! He pointed at the lift and shouted 12B which I first thought was the unit number!


Very mafia indeed, no unlucky 13 and unfeng-shui 14. But what about 4? Haha
As I was reaching my camera to take this shot, a guy in the lift reached into his jacket. Whoa, luckily I was fast and he realised that I'm not reaching for my gun. (Duh, don't you have one?)


Hmm 3A, but not really the company name I'm looking for. Doesn't seems like an Ah Long name to me!


The moment of truth. An unlabeled and undoor-belled door. I stalled for a second before knocking. Must have all my equipment ready!

Then a girl (Michelle) was there. Yeap! I'm at the right place. Nuffnang's office! Nuffnang sounds so much Ah Long-ish right?


The busy people in Nuffnang. Threatening bloggers to blog so that they can give them ads!


The comfy yet deadly Nuffnang corner. Lolz will deadly for people like me. Dead asleep! Luckily OCBC do not have that.


An Ah Long sign! How artistic.
And back to business. I'm there to collect my share of a deal we had (nola, just a MDG competition I joined)


RM100 worth of preloaded AmBank Nex-G Prepaid Card.


Tada! All the free stuff. I'm a super happy boy now!

On another note, I found this game at the Hong Leong Bank website. It's a contest but you can play for fun also. It's called the Kiap Kiap A Fly *what a name*. Yeap, kill the flies using a pair of chopstick. Super cool!

Btw, the story above is purely fictional. Nuffnang is the best blog ad company, which have a super cool office. Btw, speaking of cool office, anyone interested to open a company with me there? Haha


ti3nD said...

hei u damn gila in blogging dy. wana open company so fast.. hahahah..

eh the kiap kiap game damn funny, i kiep 20 for twice. aiiihzzz... lolz

Kenny Choo said...

Lolz that easy to open a company? Haha some more blogging company? Nah not my type. But it will be damn cool to open my firm is such location in the future.

My firm *laugh insanely* Pray damn hard la!

The game damn nice right? Haha

Simon Seow said...

My entry didn't even win consolation prize T_T

Kenny Choo said...

Haha it's okay. The competition is still running. The worst thing is that the one which I won is the worse post. The better ones didn't win anything. :(

A beggar can't be a chooser i think. Haha

JuLJuL said...

Congratulations~ My entry didn't win. Sobs..

Kenny Choo said...

Thanks, but the competition is still on. Can always try again and again.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!