Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Genesis Of An Aquarium

Have you ever read the Book of Genesis before? I used to read it again and again especially the 1st few chapters as I find it very interesting.

Yeap, I'm no Christian nor a believer. I just like to read on it and do research on them. But I'm not here to talk bout religion and all, but to show you my version of the Book of Genesis.

And please, I has nothing to do with Christianity, so you can just save your time blasting comment on that. So here it goes:

In the beginning, God created a space (the aquarium which cost some money)

Then God filled the space with water...

Not any kind of water. Diamond Energy water ok?

With just quality water, we can't really achieve much. So, God...

created light (multi-purpose, serves as a study lamp as well) and air (the filter pump).

Then, land (artificial coated sand) started to form...

And trees (aquatic ones) which grew fruits with seeds grow. (I doubt that will happen in my aquarium)

On the 6th day (minute-doesn't take days for me to plant it), the beast (unicellular bacteria and other microorganism) according to their kind starts to emerge.

And God created the ultimate ones...

More than a pair... (not gonna like buy Adam and Eve only right? Fishes don't do monogamy)


And more!

On the seventh day (minute) God rests from the task of completing the aquarium.

So, this is the story of the creation of my aquarium. Like it? Much more works to do on it. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

PS: Anyone for puppy adoption? Please read this and help out this poor little things.


ti3nD said...

geng! :P u must hav spent alot of 'heart blood' on them.

i should start my aquarium later on in my life too.

gambateh! :)

biblelucid said...

We can understand the God's creation in your aquarium.
God is omnipotent, and
God is omnipresent.

Kenneth Tan said...

That black color fish that sucks up all the algae.. when it gets really really big, just bring it back to the fish shop and ask them to change it to a smaller one for you. They usually do it for free. I used to do it as you don't really need a big one.. it just spoils the view..

Kenneth Tan

Kenny Choo said...

ti3n:haha and money too... it's very nice just to look at them.

Haha start one in UK?

bibleucid:yeap but God never help me to cure them. Lolz

kenneth tan: Haha yeap they usualy get big very fast. But they will exchange it? Haha what they gonna do to my big fish then?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!