Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Fishes 101

There's a lot of things to consider and do when you are having fishes. So I gonna list it out here:

#1: Always goes to the booth with a pretty girl in it.

PS: To the Goldfish Girl in Mid Valley pet exhibition, I'm sorry that I accidentally deleted all the pictures when I was transferring it to my thumb drive. #@$@#& But don't worry, if there's fate we will take pictures again. *lolz*

#2: Before heading to any fish market to get your fish, remember to fill your belly with food cause it's not an easy job

We had the famous RM5 Pudu Lam Mee. Nice indeed. Price says it all.

Even the extra chili cost 20cent per serving! Wtfish?

#3: Don't ever got distracted by other species.

Found in Mid Valley. Nice fur!

#4: Always go for the much more practical ones... (financially and space wise)

This Koi is as big as my bolster. Err try imagine it. Normal bolster size. WTFish?

#5: Find an inspiration to aim at...

This aquarium is on display for competition. Damn it the fish is not sick! (Mine is)

#6: Putting salt is not old-school. Fishes don't give a damn about the latest product and all.

It seems that my fish is having a disease called tail-rot which can be prevented by salt. Sigh... should have know it earlier.

#7: Never dump salt directly into the tank. Always dissolves it.

Apparently the black vacuum cleaner (dunno it's real name) died after that. Should be the salt or maybe the disease, but not gonna risk that again. Sad!

#8: Always have an ER (Emergency Room) stand by when the fish is not well.

In the process of rescuing.

#9: Before funeral ceremony for the fishes, always do a post mortem on them.

See! It's the damn tail-rot.

#10: Grieve over their death (damn sad one lo) and prepare a burial (flushing) spot.

Yea, I know I shouldn't do that and all (right Samuel?) but at least is organic, unlike the chlorine bleach you guys pour into it.

It's just another hope that the fish will be back alive and live happily ever after in the sewer. Lolz then my fish will all start to fake death then. Shhh!

#11: In case that you will get bored of the tank, always pimp it from time to time... wala:

yeap, this is the pimped version. Just more plants. Not gonna buy more fishes. Just hope that the whole system is not polluted and the fishes survives.

If the fishes dies out eventually then I think I will settle with the plants. Plants are more durable and less sensitive. Then I wouldn't have funeral session every 12 hrs. Tong tong chiang, tin ling ling, dei ling ling~~~


ti3nD said...

the black one is called 'bandaraya' fish or 'lap sap yu' for most people.

it collects all the wastes/algae n thus the name tells you all.

did u use pump to circulate water/oxygen?

it seems that there are too much of plant that ur fishes are not getting enough 02 lorh.

better luck with the rest of ur fish!! :)

Kenny Choo said...

Im going to buy a punp which pump in air only... haha but if I let the plant photosynthesis more then it's okay le for the moment. Still got oxygen...So far the fish hvn come up to the surface for air yet. Haha

But certified d that the dead fish all got disease... Don't ever buy fishes from Pudu d. Con ppl one

Samuel Lee said...

i dont think anyone will get wat u mean when u were referring to me. for those of u who are wondering, its from an msn conversation we had. dont confuse pple...

u shuld do some research b4 u get fishes... like me (NERD!)

Kenny Choo said...

Lolz. It's meant to be read by you. Not that my blog is that well-known, no need to explain everything one le. Haha.

If I start explaining then my blog will turn into an all words blog. Lolz

Sui generiS said...

omg. you flushed your fish down the TB? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!

Kenny Choo said...

Hey, stop laughing... Haha I thought everyone does that, haha lol on ur water vs toilet paper post.

Haha it's just individual preference. To me land animal should have a land funeral and an aquatic animal should have an "aquatic" funeral then. haha

Anonymous said...

Did u really flush all your fish down the loo?!! XD I dug a little grave for mine in my garden when it died... May they all rest in peace.


Kenny Choo said...

Wahaha I seriously thought everyone do that. Haha like how we used to watch in the tv.

Haha XD

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!