Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'm In Fear Factor Thanks To Digi and Nuffnang

Yeap you heard me right. Nuffnang threw me into a chamber filled with snakes just because I can't blog anymore and do not generate as much hits.

Nah, Nuffnang is not that evil, instead they invited bloggers like me to media events and being treated like VIP. Cool right?

Just few days ago, 20 bloggers are invited to attend the media launch of Digi Prepaid's Easy Win Contest.


The figures really got you super excited about and wait till you see the media kit.


Yeap, the media kit consist a giant milipede (as big as my middle finger) in cage with a key! O.O How interesting?

So, the whole event is like telling out the message that Digi is so kind and you don't need to swallow this just to win the cash. All you have to do is just to reload.

And these are all the creepy crawlers who attended that day:


Mr. Tarantula


Cik Ular Sawa

scorpion into the leg

160 scorpions with a guy in it. Crazy right?

Striking bee look a-like gecko. I touched it! It's very nice to touch but it doesn't allowed you to hold it.

And the scariest of all:


Spidey me!

And this is all the "near death" close encounter I had:

me vs snake

It's really nice to hold but you will be wondering where is the head. Imagine it suddenly pop out and bite your hand.

me vs python

The python is so popular that is the closest I can get. :(

Apparently this is an media event, so it's like attended by real reporters and journalist who is super busy doing interview and taking notes.

Luckily Digi made a right choice to invite us bloggers there as we really do nothing other than enjoy ourselves there. And we only laugh laugh laugh and play along with the games there. * I guess that's our purpose there and then we go home and blog about it*

snake and ladder

Bloggers in action- snake and ladder game. Involves real snake but no ladder. Swt

ipod shuffle

Remember the keys in the media kit earlier? It's to open a cage with 3 Ipod Shuffle in it. Nuffnangers wins 2 out of 3. Kudos! *Dang, why not me?*

giant milipede

And I got super crazy and went into the snake chamber. I was locked in there cause I was the last person.

They even served us this only:


Just kidding, they have proper food. They really treated us like VIPs. *shine*


We also get goodies bags like this. Who doesn't like goodies bag. I love the thumb drive I won the most. It's 2GB okay! Don't play play.

After the event, we went to Charms in The Curve.


We had nice food and chatted for hours. Bloggers who are there: Skyler, Gary, Nick, Copykate, Jan, Amy, Joshua, Kim, Julian, Robb and Yee Ming

Do tell me if I left any of you out.

Then we all split and most of them went home after that, while Amy, Razz and me went to Ikea.

me eat

Me trying to eat my new friend in Ikea.

amy eat

Amy preferred Ceasar Milipede Salad.

And then Amy found her favourite bed:

She loves the mosquito net so much that she rather curl up to sleep cause it's obviously a kid's bed. =.= *lolz*

We walked and walked till almost 9 and we are dead tired. Haha and we all went home at last.

*WHOA!!!, I finished this post without having the idea how the pictures look like. It's seriously damn difficult for me. And I did gave up on blogging at Kevin's place cause I just can't blog in the afternoon. So I end up just uploading all the pictures there!*


ti3nD said...

damn lucky larh u!!! :P

Kenny Choo said...

Hehe thanks to nuffnang lo. Haha

Simon Seow said...

Why la I have training on that day T_T

iPod T_T

Kenny Choo said...

T.T same! Ipod!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!