Monday, 21 April 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Press Screening

Yet again Nuffnang get me another invite for another great movie! This particular movie, The Forbidden Kingdom caught my attention even since before the start shooting it.

1703 (E)-A4_TFK (HI)

Who doesn't? Putting two Kung Fu legends in one American production. Yeap , for those who still in the dark, the movie is indeed an American production, but fear no more cause it's not as bad as it sound.

The movie revolves around Jason Tripitikas *weird name* who is a Kung Fu movie buff.


One day he got hold to a magical staff which is passed to him by the antique store owner who is potrayed by Jackie Chan


He is send to another dimension to carry out a task.


To send the staff to the Monkey King and defeat the Jade Warlord.

He meet with the Drunken Master (Jackie Chan) along the way.


And the Silent Monk (Jet Li). Where the both of them teach him Kung Fu.


Also with the companion of the Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei) OMGness she freaking hot. Love her since her appearance in the Condor Heroes.


Along the way, they fought with


The White Hair Demoness from the Bride with White Hair which is potrayed by Li Bing Bing. Don't like her in the movie. Bad hair and bad make up. Don't look like her at all.


The big badass, Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) what's with the eye liner?

So remember to watch it out in the cinema to see how's the ending and whether everyone is safe and lived happily ever after.


The bloggers on duty! Haha


Robb and Michelle trying out in the acting scene? Haha failed?

Overall I shall say the movie cost every cent of your RM10 ticket. So it's worth the watch I shall say eventhough I will not recommend a second time.

Haha I will be leaving for Pulau Kapas in 1 hr time. But not to worry, I will still update the blog with the drafts that I prepared for my absence. So do come by and check it out. And I will still reply msges. So comment as much as you like!

Ciaoz see you guys soon!


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