Saturday, 26 April 2008

Catching Up

Whoa, only been away for 4 days and once I return there's so many things to be done. Just attended an interview for a scholarship. The interview was damn fun, being questioned by 6 panels. (how intimidating) But I somehow damn enjoy it.

Really interesting interview! It went so far that they wants to read my blog and even largely projected it to the screen. *lololol* The word blog just slipped out my mouth (as they were asking wtf I've been doing at home all these time) and they were pretty interested. Luckily no controversial and political post lately.

So to the panels, if you are reading, I SERIOUSLY WANT THE SCHOLARSHIP, though I know it's kinda difficult as 10 people are fighting for one place. ONE ONLY! So much so, I thought that my certs was relatively "a lot", until the guy opposite me brought out his file, and he got double the thickness. *Swtness* Dude, you attended school to study or to collect certs?

More on the interview later on. And another thing took place when I was away on the 23rd April. It's Jeffrey's birthday. Freaking god, how can I forget about it. No wonder I felt something is happening when I was having a good time in Cotton Island.

Anyhow, I paid back by bringing him to makan. So we met at Sunway Pyramid after my interview.

Gosh, he is so freaking busy with his assignment, the last time we met each other is like 2 weeks time or so. So much so that I'm in Cotton Island, he called to checked out whether I'm dead! *lololol*

So we went to have lunch at this place, Wendy's. It's like the new Carl's Jr, or something. So far only can be found in Pyramid.

They serve good burgers and potatoes. Good price. In between of Carl's Jr and A&W.

The birthday boy with his 1/2 Pounder Cheese Burger. Freaking god, they even have 3/4 Pounder. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAR!

My Supreme Fish Fillet Burger or something.

Cheese & Cheese Baked Potato and Chili & Cheese Baked Potato.

The food was pretty decent. Better than A&W and slightly lower than Carl's Jr. And it doesn't comes with a overcharged price. The only problem is lack of variety.

And the name of the restaurant just can't help of me to thing of...

Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue. *lololol* The blond hair and the fake eyelashes.

Currently I'm still super busy editing and uploading pictures. My freaking god. 4 digi cams = hundreds of pictures. So please be patient for a while. I will try my best to post it soon.

Other than if you are as hungry as them...

It's super crazy enough when you feed them from the boat. Just imagine when u are snorkeling. And the comes in all kind of colours. Pretty cool huh?


Jessw said...

I miss that guy....

Kenny Choo said...

Haha only miss that guy....

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!