Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Passion and Attitude!

Currently my internet is still down. Really damn pissed off every time I called the damn people in Streamyx. Damn it! But I still will blog no matter what. Thank god I uploaded these pictures over at Kevin’s house.

So let see. What should I blog then? It’s been some time since I blog bout things that I like, think, and etc. So let me share with you who inspire me lately.

There’s these 3 personality figure. They might not be the most successful in their fields but one thing that they have which is very on par with my way of life is the passion and the attitude towards their job.

It’s so funny to think about the word attitude because I used to shout this word in the AGM to the librarians members. So bad that Shu Lim and Bing Xiang will always imitate it now and then. But for when you are doing a job (especially one that pays you, you really need to get your attitude right).

So these are the people:

1) Jonathan Antin

Most of you might not know him, but he is a famous hairstylist in Hollywood (no, he’s not queer).

He owns two saloons in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Which is like the super atas place in Hollywood. So you can roughly imagine who his customer is.

He styles Madonna, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Margaret Cho, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, and Jackie Warner. And also he has a reality show, Blow Out which you can see how passionate he is for his work. He can be harsh at times but that is because he is a perfectionist. What an attitude!

The thing is that he used to drop out from school and went to beauty school to pursue his dream. And he initially opened a saloon and only charged $5 for a haircut till now which is like who knows how much Madonna pays him!

Trivia: He was inspired by the character in Shampoo, the movie and he is the brother of Pussycat Dolls founder and member Robin Antin! (Whoa it runs in the family!)

2) Sarah Richardson

She is a famous designer in Canada and she also has her own reality show called Design Inc.

I do not have much on her biography but one thing I like about her is how she deal with crazy datelines and how calm when she is a problem.

And she can come out with a practical solution for all the problems that arises at a very short time. Nevertheless she is also a perfectionist.

She might not be as harsh, but her kindness gets her to work with the best people around her. (Something I want to learn)

3) Jamie Oliver

This one needs not much introductions, as he is the star of the famous reality cooking show Naked Chef, Oliver Twist and 15 (which also a restaurant).

What I like about him is that the way he does things. Me like cooking too- if you hadn’t notice, but the way he cooks is just so random but at the end works. This is how I see things as well. One really must have to adapt to any situation (except blogging) when they are working or what so ever.

And in the series 15, you can see how he manage to get 15 brats who are nothing but school leavers as well as trouble makers and made them into chefs. In that show also, you can see how he inspired them and teach them how to have the right attitude and to embrace their passion.

If you have not notice, there’s a lot of similarity between them:

1- They all have their reality show. (which I think shows who they really are)

2- They all focused on a certain field but end up being a professional figure and as well as a business men and woman

3- They always knows what they wanted and always get the best out of things

4- And lastly, the have the right attitude and passion towards their job. *peace*
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!