Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Music Parody?

Yeap, I'm still in Pulau Kapas. So this is also another drafted post. Enjoy!

The music industry has come a very long way and almost everything is done under the sun. So, it's not surprising that some song do sound like some.

So let's here some shockingly sound alike songs which they claimed just merely coincidence.

I bet most of you heard Justin Timberlake-What Comes Around Goes Around.

But do you believe if I say there's a Chinese version of it? And to all the C-Pop fans out there? Ever notice Zhang Dong Liang-You Xi?

There's some similarity that is really mind boggling. But both of the song are release almost at the same period but JT's ones did release 1st. Hmmm....

What do you think if I say David Tao (The King of Chinese RnB) accidently copied a few notes from the famous Spice Girls?

Spice Girls- Say You'll Be There

And then David Tao- Walk On

It's not really obvious, but a true fans of the above will definitely notice it. In this case, I'm the fan of both! Haha (Spice Girls released in the 90's and Tao in the 2006.

Then's there is the translation version. Malay to Chinese. English to Chinese. Chinese to Malay. Malay to Hindi. Tamil to Chinese. Etc, etc...

Updated fans of C-Pop will notice the act-cute singer Cyndi Wang's new single Hi Hi Bye Bye.

But do you know that the original song is actually Malay? And it's a hit here in Malaysia.

Same title, Hi Hi Bye Bye by Ezzlyn. I personally thinks that the Malay version is so much better and if you can understand both, u will agree that the Malay lyrics is so much better.

Here's something for the fans of Ning Baizura, it's Awan Yang Terpilu.

It's changed to the Chinese version by a Malaysian singer which is the Runner Up of a singing contest in Singapore. She did quite well in Taiwan with her rendition of the Chinese version of From Paris to Berlin.

Shi Xin Hui- Ni Gei De. I love both version. Both are powerful singers!

Enough of Asian copying Asian. Do you know that the song Take Me To Your Heart by Micheal Learns To Rock is originally a Chinese song?

The original song. Wen Bie by Jacky Cheung. But I only can get the Andy Lau's version.

It's kinda obvious the English version do have some flaws here and there cause it's meant to be a Chinese song.

And the last one will be the most shocking one. What if I say the powerful Destiny Child also covered a Chinese song?

Brown Eyes by Destiny Child.

The original song. Lian Ren Wei Man by SHE.

Who ever thought that the powerhouse will cover a song from the cutesy girl group from Taiwan.

But no matter what the language or the resemblance, one thing is that I got nothing against covers or song in other languages. I think music is just borderless and shouldn't be restrain by the language. So kudos to all the singers who copied and covered songs in different languages.


jhui said...

Hi, S.H.E was the one who copied Destiny's Child, not the other way round.
S.H.E released the album, which contained that song, on September 11, 2001.
Destiny's Child released their's on May 1, 2001.

Kenny Choo said...

Huh? Really? Didn't do my research properly then. Thanks for the info ya!

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!