Monday, 6 October 2008


Finally I remembered to post about my axo drawing...

Hmm the tree look like a muffin...

Supposed to do explosion of the building... which means you literally explode the building into pieces of walls, roof and floor plan...

But on the night of drawing in the studio... I freaking had a fever... shivering all the way... haihz... but it's just an extra if I "want" to do it... wahaha not so for the other studio classes... :p

And for the next assignment:

Perspective drawing... thank god is a chess board... heard the other class are doing building's section... wahaha :p

So, with that, another assignment to add up to my long pending assignments list:

1 video
1 furniture model
1 design model
10 A4 sketches
5 photograph/sketches
1 presentation
1 perspective drawing

Wahaha (obviously in serious hysteria) very Selamat Hari Raya to me! And the best part... I didn't even open my sketchbook for the pass week! Weehee!

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