Sunday, 23 November 2008

Is There Lala-tiside?

Phew finally my exam is over and know only left a portfolio to be done. And after a long period of time of not hitting the mall, I made a trip down to Pavilion yesterday... to my horror... I saw alot of these:

Emo people...

My Chemical Romance wannabes

and the worse of all

Dark Lolitas... dressing up as if there's a Cosplay event in Pavilion...

The thing is that they aren't really tourist from America or Japan... but it's their local counterpart which speaks loudly in Mandarin or Bahasa Melayu... kudos to them!

I don't think they will very much help the economy crisis in our country but let's hope they don't scare the tourist away... haha


Harry said...

lolzzzzz.. cool down.. let them be.. they didnt kaciao u can liao lo..

Calvin Chung said...

Haha. True.... Its Ok if they are "want-to-be's" like they want to be like a MCR by learning an instrument or something but "wannabes" are stupid. All they do is just pose like them. Funny ppl.

Kenny Choo said...

Harry: haha they "memenuhi the ruang" that i want to "jalan"! haha

Calvin: I guess they should really have to do some reality check to see where they actually live in! haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!