Friday, 6 March 2009

Assignments Which Is Super Outdated :) Part 2

Finally to show my final model...

Remember this house which I use to draw?


Apa macam? These are portfolio pics... so very heavily edited... *straightening the lines, covering the gaps & erasing the dirt*

Front View

Right View

Left View

Back View

And then some close ups


The internal

The crazy part!

Toilet... Hand made toilet bowls... lol took me almost the whole night doing that shit! The whole bowl is smaller than my pencil top... 1:100 scale


Jimmy said...

interesting!! very nice! wonder how much have u spent on the model? and u use sketchup as well?

Kenny Choo said...

I remember we spent around 50 bucks but mostly on the stuff we use to cheat ie: Glue, spray paint and wood. Haha it shouldn't be that expensive.

Hvn started to use sketchup yet. Wanted to start Auto CAD this sem but priority given to sem 3 students... So next sem then. The drawing is a plan from the net. We use it as reference and see how acurate can we get to the real thing.

TZ said...

A very nice house ... So you could help me to design my dream house eh! :p

Kenny Choo said...

haha sure can but must wait 7 yrs le... can?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!