Sunday, 24 May 2009

Movie Marathon

I guess it's summer summer again hence the sudden explotion of summer movies. Lol watch two today due to the fact that The Bee is back and was buzzing around to get me and Hao Ran to fix her laptop. Lol too bad it is not fix at the end of the day. Just call the technician okay?

Haha yeap the 1st one is Star Trek...

I know, I know, I'm not a fan of that geek show too. Lol but I use to be a geek. Am I? Lol maybe not intelligent enough to be one.


Really irritating to see the fans have the special hand signs and able to memorize every single character in the series. Mind you they are in thight pants and afro... Lol

But believe me other than the weird 70's fashion sense in the future 200 years and the stupid hand gesture. It was a pretty awesome action movie with a story line which Star Trek noob will be able to follow... ie: The Bee

It give it around the price of a weekend ticket: RM12 not so to the point of the Premiere Class yet. 

Next would be Night at The Museum 2

Lol judging from the 1st one, this one is a no brainer. LOL the whole time... other than me which unable to do so due to the lack of sleep

But I did LOL in my head. Lol

Do look out for Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

Worth: RM12 weekend tickets (Lol exactly what I paid so no complains)

Since I watched Angels and Demons in Penang, why don't I just tell you how good it was...

It was freaking good. Very nail biting... though the only turn down is that it only able to capture 30% of the novel in terms of the antimatter.

Lol it was merely just a bomb. Darn!

But it gives a new 'liveness' to the movie which was not shown in the book (due to my lack of imagination)

Worth: This I shall say Premiere Class that cost freaking 20 bucks that comes with a free glass of water. It can do Gold Class but due the fact antimatter is just a bomb... lol too bad!

Trivia: Sony and Imagine Entertainment organized an eco-friendly shoot, selecting when to shoot locations based on how much time and fuel it would save, using cargo containers to support set walls or greenscreens, as well as storing props for future productions or donating them to charity.

Heading to bed now. Ciaoz


eangbee said...

Kenny boy... I have name.. not called as "THE BEE" swt..

Neway, where did u had the movie at penang? Queensbay or gurney plaza?

Oh yea.. good news.. finally i passed my laptop to the trusted 1... my bro in law.. lol..
will nvr trust you can fix any electronic devices liao.. not anymore.. blek..


Kenny Choo said...

lol not that i wanna fix also...u bug me only mah... lol like THE BEE

got technician dun wan call... cari pasal only

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!