Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Leaving for the FINE city

Yeah, finally getting out from Kuala Lumpur after my tragic exams. In few hours more I will be on my way to Singapore. Can't wait to step my foot once again into the city of lion or I shall say half of my place of origin.

Well, so leaving KL for 6 days, I gonna left behind lotsa things. I' m leaving behind my mother, my room, my friends in KL, another group in PJ, one more group leaving the same day with me to Malacca and my beloved computer and television.

So Zhi Wei, remember to have fun in Malacca and Wei Sam remember to wait for us to come back to watch movie together and mahjong. Haha. And to Jeffrey Lee, don't be naughty when I'm not around. Don't after 9 months, I then will have a godchild. And to all my friends I will come back in a piece. Don't worry.

Well my this trip to Singapore is mainly for shopping. Its the Singapore Great Sale. Almost everything will be like 80% and 90% off the original price. Unlike our Jualan Mega Malaysia that is just merely a scam. Gonna change the contents in my wardrobe, gadgets, fix my blady new phone and eat eat and also eat. Hopefully my walking, talking ATM machine aka my sister will be functional.

I'm also gonna buy more liquor to add to my collection of liquor. So gonna get all the flavour of this tube shape vodka. Wahaha. And Wei Sam's Ralph Lauren Polo Tee is also on the list. And deffinately food for everyone. Interested in Newater? Singapore's very own toilet bowl-cum-drinking water.

So now I shall pack my stuff and get to go to bed for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a nice vacation. See you guys soon. BYE!!!


weisam said...

i see my name there.
my awesomely cute name there.
go enjoy yourself at the FINE city and survey some polo t for me la ok?
ciao bro :)

Kenny Choo said...

Lolz expected that u only worried about your Polo Tee.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!