Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My Graduation?

Its kinda weird... I'm graduated but there's something missing. A convocation? But I'm am seriously graduated. So no more A-levels crap for me.

Been through more than one month of exam. Really took many things from me. I devoted my spirit, time and soul to this exam. Even my room. My room was literally occupied by two occupant, me and my books.

Can't really blame the condition of my room. Its all due to a "fantastic" A-level result of mine last semester. Its was so "fascinating" that i have to retake a sum of 22 papers. And if I'm not mistaken, I'm still the record holder for taking the most paper this semester. Haha.

Glad that it's finally over and couldn't believe that this the end of all. The end of my course and hopefully the end of my time spent in KBU. Its really hope that I wouldn't have to go there again. Reminds me of that time when me and Jeffrey went to the Edu Fair and someone asked us how's KBU? And we sarcastically say GREAT! (Yah right)

Really gonna miss the people in KBU those that i spent most of my 2006/2007 with. The endless hours in 1 Utama. Haha. Hopefully we will meet soon. That is also if Pangkor Trip is going on. And to Eric who had shifted to Subang. I'm so gonna miss you. Don't worry i will bring Jeffrey they all go Subang find you.

At the same time gotta thanks Kelly for dressing up so nice yesterday. U really impressed me. Haha. The big belly of mine is due to exams and Kim Gary.

So now, I'm going to set up a bonfire out of my tonnes of A-levels books. Not gonna let my mum know bout this. Or else she will be chasing after me to snatch those books from me to be sell to surat khabar lama.


.:*: rikimaru :*:. said...

job well done kenny!! i didn't noe i was so leng chai in da pic.. hahahaha.. (perasan betul) yea.. do come find me wen ur free.. especially if there is football matches.. i'll b gladly there.. keke.. miss u guyz so much.. well.. jia you wor.. *hugz,winkz..

YukiRye said...

Here to say a hi to ya lai mah! Hehehe

weisam said...

i see your big belly in that pic with that chick you have la kenny.

let's go FF before we turn into 30 year old virgins.lol.

Kenny Choo said...

lolz to Eric... we will miss you
to my kai lui!!! Gambateh neh!!
to the slim wei sam...Jom go gym!! haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!