Wednesday, 10 June 2009

ADV: What's On With The Latest Malaysian Properties?

Another great site on the property of Malaysia is ( Malaysia property. This is a site which allows user to log in and discuss and share opinion on the property around KL and beyond.

Photos and questions can be post and fellow users will comment and help out on enquiries about the discuss property. As it is running for sometime i find it very interesting for me to update myself on the latest projects which is carried out in Malaysia.

And for those are into the property surveying field, I guess it is a place to do discussion on the value of the area as informations such as price, developer, property details and even analysis can be found in there.

But for me as an architecture students, looking at the newest design on the current projects gives me some idea what I would like to do in the near future. At least that is what I hope to do. :)

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