Friday, 18 July 2008

Are You Happy Paying RM110 Per Month?

It's really sickening to pay 110 bucks per mth and not getting 1.0Mbps of speed. It's so freaking unfair especially when my sis only pays like 20SGD (RM47.60) for her 2.0Mbps (most of the time and btw it's wireless somemore)

Why does a country with a higher standard of living than ours, pays lesser for better broadband? This is really daylight robbery. Especially when considering that ISP got really not much cost to pay for unlike the rest of the business.

I mean it's all electric and impulses after all. And the consumer is practically got nothing to hold on to (other than the modem) and it's so freaking expensive.

And they can argue that the infrastructure is expensive yada yada yada but if the price is cheaper than there will be more users right? More users=more money (with the condition that it fast despite the numbers of users).

I think the only reason why TM Net is not paying attention to us consumers is because of the lack of competitor. If you still remember the price war between Digi, Celcom and Maxis back then? I think the price of SMS has decreased from 30cents to now which is almost free.

So, when our only "quite fast and still usable" broadband lies in the hand of one company, it's quite normal that it is somehow overcharge.

Hopefully with Wimax coming into the whole picture, it will create some competitions with Streamyx. And I do believe price is a very important factor... after all we are Malaysians.

For Wimax to succesfully snatch the monopoly from Streamyx, it is definitely have to be lower than Streamyx in terms of price. I mean if it's much more expensive, not many people will take the trouble and risk to switch over to Wimax eventhough it is say to be more mobile.

Well, as a typical Malaysians, I always thinks that we will go the distance just to get cheap and good services. And in this case, it will have to be cheaper, faster, more mobile and more reliable than Streamyx.

With that done, I think TM will be fine going back to do it's landline business.

And it is said that Wimax contract is given out to 4 companies which are none associated to any telco company. So, this means they have to also make sure that the payments can be done easily.

These must at least includes Pos Malaysia, credit cards, online banking, atm machines and banks. It will be better it can be done in 7-11 or other kiosk just like those prepaid services.

So, what do u expect from the upcoming Wimax in terms of price then?

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