Sunday, 6 July 2008

Want To Be The Hottest Hunk On Your Block?

This is what I get when I open my mail one day...

Huh? Hulk? I thought I just watch the premier some day before that? Dark Secret? Hmmm

And so I went to Celebrity Fitness on that particular day.

Then I see a familliar brand.

Clorets! So after registering and settle down with rest of the bloggers...

The Hulk emerged...DJ Pietro... not your typical hunk... and that's the point...

Just like the TVC, with Clorets Dark Secret... even you can have girls pole dance for you... *I doubt*

It's not only the launch of the new product, but it's also the introduction to the media about the new pole dancing competition. Hannah Tan and Pietro will be performing on the Grand Finale.

And we had food...

And unlimited flow of till you teeth...err it's sugar eat as much as u like.

Then Ringo is spotted to camwhore with the pole dancers

And kiasu people joins in...

Simon happily pole dance with it's goodie bag

And the u think 1 blogger is boring...

What a bout the whole village of them (Shaun, Simon, Amy, Me, Kimberly Cun and KutuCat)

KutuCat, Shaun and Me.

Just Clorets...

Weird things do happen at times...after this "photoshoot" the boxes of Clorets automatically appear in our goodie bag


Nicholas Chay



And of course Pietro

Us after a long day of sitting, eating, camwhoring and err pole dancing...

And check out the very cool site at Clorets Power. You can actually make her dance to how you want her to.... Cool huh? (Get you free voucher for pole dancing lessons there)

The competition is for both sexes...and the thing that open my eyes on that even is that a guy hip hop his way up the pole...crazy huh?

Oh yea...and I was caught again....

Taking picture with Hannah Tan again!

I told her this is the second time YOU took a picture with me... :P 1st time was here!

Photos by: Me, Simon, KutuCat and Amy.


Simon Seow said...

Yeah, Death Note 3 reunion.

Kenny Choo said...

Really? Cool

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!