Thursday, 3 July 2008

I Got Meme-ted Again?

Huh? Meme again? Okla, since I will be blogging bout this anyway...

Apparently I got tagged by MayZhee (answers to why I get a suddent amount of referral from her blog- At 1st I thought I bitch wrongly bout something but it couldn't be cause I'm freaking lazy lately*lol*)

So here it is:

I don't think I wan to paste the whole story here. It's freaking long whey.

But I can say that it's damn interesting. Thanks to them I got to understand the whole picture...because I only saw the post after it was removed. Cool right? Removed post...means it's super scandalous...

Here's the original post.

Here's the updated post.

And here's the aftermath.

Feedback from Dawn and the finale (at least at the time I post this) by XiaXue

What I can say bout this case is that a blogger only have to answer to him/herself what kind of a blogger he/she should be... I'm not saying that Dawn is not wrong for making all those lies but well maybe that's her way of blogging? ( I mean it's not wrong to live in denial right?)

Just like how Paris Hilton always denies that she is a dumb blonde. And she returns with seasons after seasons of Simple Life... So why not?

And I super despise Dawn's lawyer who said that a blog is not a place to express your opinion...then WTF we blog for?... And my conclusion is... it's my blog... so it's up to me!

Even though I know it's against the law and ethic to write bout someone when you don't have the proof and all...but I so far I never got a letter from Hannah Tan that I framed her of being my girlfriend on my MSN nickname what... so to those ppl out there... Chill la!

Note: No, I'm not tagging anyone...but feel free to blog bout this. It is really a food for thought especially to the bloggers.

P/S: I super salute XiaXue...OMGness she can blog bout all of that in one night? Should really learn from her how on how to blog that productively! :P Or maybe I'm just pig lazy *slap*

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