Saturday, 26 July 2008

If Only I Can Have It The Way I Want It

As you can see, my recent post is all picture loaded and it is obvious that I do not have the time to type anything.

I have to sleep, eat, watch TV, hit the gym, meet friends, go shopping and sleep again. And imagine how it will be when I starts Uni.

That's why it will be a great help for me if I can bring my internet everywhere so that I can blog wherever I am.

Imagine what if I can blog when I run on the threadmill, or when I'm watching TV waiting for the commercial to end or even when I am answering nature's call in the toilet?

Then Wimax comes into the picture, imagine if your laptop is Wimax connected then it means your are connected everywhere you are.

Whether you are in a hotspot at Starbucks, at home when you are far away from your land line eg: the lawn or even on the go in the train or something.

Without looking like that...

And Nokia has even launch a new phone, N810 which is going to ben Wimax enable. So this means that it will track out the signal like how PDA phones track out Wifi in the hotspots.

And laptops are also going to be developed to cater Wimax without even having to plug in the modem.

But those will need sometime for it to hit Malaysia. But one thing that we can look forward to is definitely a wireless broadband which is very reliable. It's coming faster than you can blink... so stay tuned then!

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