Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Announcement: Petrol Hike Starting 5th June 2008 And Incentives/Rebates For Drives Annually (Updated)

The Prime Minister have just announced that the petrol price have increase 40%. From RM1.92 to RM2.70.

So, what the hell you are doing here reading this. Go to the nearest gas station and pump pump pump.

Update: Govt also said that they gonna give out RM625 cash rebate to all the drivers who are driving cars below 2000 cc and it will be annually.

They payment is done through money order and it is renewed everytime you renew you road tax. Means it will pay you the RM625 when you renew your roadtax.

Good news for those who have just renewed their road tax. This rebates are applicable for those who renew since April 2008 onwards. Okay...

For motorbikes and cars above 2000 cc. More updates later...

Update 2: Finally I'm free after watching 3 news in three languages... here's the facts

Old prices for...

New prices for....
Petrol: RM2.70 (+78 cents)
Diesel: RM2.58 (+RM1)

Cash Rebates and Incentives...
Car <> 2000 cc/
Trucks and jeeps > 2500 cc: Road tax reduced by RM200
Motorcycles <> 250 cc: Road tax reduced by RM50

Payment mode: Money order starting 1st July 2008 (only applicable for renewal during 1st April 2008- 31st March 2009)

Roadtax rebate period: Starting 1st June 2008

Increase for electricity rates...
Home: 18% (users below 200 kW/h will not be affected)
Business: 26%

Coming soon: Kenny Choo's calculations on how much does the fuel price had increase and how it will affect the whole country.

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