Saturday, 21 June 2008

We Are Live From The 1st Ever Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging

Freaking hell...we are really freaking here now!

Yes! We here in Modesto and it is the 1st ever live blogging ever done in South East Asia!

And to update you on what is going on, here our little pals to show us around:

Mr Simba and Miss Tigger!

First up.... I know you all are waiting for this.... the ending of XiaXue Vs Lizard Man!

But before that let us scout through the room and see who's wearing what in the room tonite! So take it over, Simba and Tigger!

Simba: Whoa, what a night isn't it? Everyone is really dressing up to impress!
Tigger: Yea! Strutting their thing and flocking all the feathers on their body.

Simba: Mmm potential fashion preys. Tigger: Exactly, let's see who will rise up the top of the food chain and who will be disposed into fertilizers.

Simba: OMG look at those human...
Tigger: Yah I heard they are called costumes...hmm and they are Kevin, Simon, Kenny and Mayszin

Tigger: Hot Chicks! So yummy!
Simba: I spot a cheese flavour chick! It's Ringo

Simba: You gotta be kidding me...isn't that the 3 blind mice.
Tigger: OMG that's like so cool la... they are with their Gucci, Prada and LV Shades!

Simba: Hmmm she look so wild in her Victoria Secret lingerie..

Simba: Finally the Cheese flavoured chick

Simba: Hey face painting!
Tigger: And they are drawing me.

Simba: What the chicken?
Tigger: Even Kong made it here.

Simba: Nicholas Cow. Yeeha!

Tigger: Someone not in his costume.... naughty naughty!

Tigger: The 3 blind mice on the red carpet!

Tigger: Kenny's long lost sister spotted!

Simba: The obscene Andrew Gorilla

Simba: Look at the food! Nice!

Tigger: Goodies bag...hopefully they throw in some LV or something

Simba: Dig In

Tigger: Free booze

Tigger: Check out Kenny with Adeline of MDG!

Simba: We shall take a break now and return to the main blogger and to view the finale of.... XiaXue Vs Lizard Man!

So here it is:

So the battles took almost few months. Long night of preying, thousands of sticky lizard traps and lizard poops and one day... They finally meet each other face to face and the start talking...

XiaXue: Hey you #%%^%#^ lizard. Do you know that you seriously have no life, look very fugly and you freaking poop everywhere?
Lizard Man: What? It's not that I can do anything bout that, I'm just answering nature's call. That's all. And FYI *snap fingers* I have blog too you know?

Xia Xue: Really?
Lizard Man: Yeap, it's called ... haven't you heard it? It's like the Perez Hilton in my world!

And finally the both of them found at thing in common and as some of you might know... XiaXue is looking for a new BFF (Best Friend Forever) and guess what?

Yes, you got it.... Lizard Man is the final pick. And from then onwards they go to parties and shop together just like any other BFF! All thanks to blogging! THE END *claps*

What? Not as what you all expected? This is the best I can do...while typing this I'm like surrounded by approximately 200 XiaXue's fans here. Crazy meh?

And I gonna make it clear that the story is obviously fictional and it doesn't reflect XiaXue's love/hate towards lizard. *lol pls don't kill me*

To say the less, let's just take a break and we will come back with more live updates with Simba and Tigger. *run and hide*

*Thanks to Maxis for the broadband!


Copykate said...

more pictures please! =P

Kenny Choo said...

haha soon soon...lost my camera cable

ti3nD said...

hahaha. lolz.

u must be having lots of fun at the wild party :P

Kenny Choo said...

yeap, it was lotsa fun! hehe
more pictures later

Johnny Ong said...

aiyoh, ah choo that was u ah?

samantha said...

kenny, sorry i 'accidentally' stole your lion puppet haha.

Kenny Choo said...

Johnny Ong: haha yah, what was you that night? I can't really see properly in that shade..haha i was blind.

Samantha: no prob! haha you helped me to promote it! :P

Johnny Ong said...

i was one of the 4 cows (the one without the full animal costume) that came with hand made black sugar pasted stucked on my white shirt/pants.

Kenny Choo said...

Oh that was u...sorry was really blind that night! haha was great to see you there

Simon Seow said...

What's the blind mouse doing wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt. So contrast. LOL. Nice one.

Kate: More pic here.

Kenny Choo said...

"No cats is allowed" He missed out that part! haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!