Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mmm Mmm Food

Too many pictures, too little time and photoshop loading super slow. *shouting at photoshop now* *faster lah you @#$%& idiot*

It's so nice to read food post, so here's one.

These things ruined my daily intake of food so badly. But it's too hard to resist it now and then. Mmm *stop thinking, you are not eating this tmr*

Sushi Zanmai- The Gardens

Nice Japanese restaurant with a very good ambiance. *whoot I used the word ambiance*

Serves great sushi. Almost like Sushi Groove but it has a kaiten belt. *the thingy with sushi revolving on it*

And it serves my favourite...

Curry rice. Yummy. Taste pretty alright. But I do love Sushi Groove's curry fried rice. Cause it's damn crunchy. Yah it is actually crunchy because the rice is toasted at the bottom of the stone bowl.

Overall a good place. Nice food and great price. Same par as Sakae Sushi. And they have Pasta Zanmai too in 1U. They serve Japanese style pasta.

Sweetchat- Mid Valley

Always search for a place to have good dessert after meals or when I need some sugar rush after gym. Yeap I know it's bad. Lol

Found this place in Mid Valley which serves all kinds of dessert. And all my favourites.

Serves both traditional and modern desserts such as red bean soup, bubur cha cha, soya bean curd, durian pancake, mango with red bean and lotsa weird stuff too.

I tried this. Kiwi sago. Freaking addictive I shall say. Mmm mmm. *No! You are not eating this again tmr!*


ti3nD said...

finally you was there. i have read so many good reviews regarding good varitey of choices and cheap prices on zanmai. argggh. glasgow tak dak.

Kenny Choo said...

Haha can eat all you can when u return for holidays.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!