Friday, 20 June 2008

The Incredible Hulk, Made of Honour and Kung Fu Panda

Yes I gonna do 3 reviews in one post. Yes, I'm lazy!

1st up The Incredible Hulk.

Watched the The Hulk and I find this one better. Though the execution of the older one is better. But this is much more Marvel comic like.

It's the continuation of the 1st movie about how Edward Norton run away to Brazil to find cure for himself and get himself out of trouble.

One thing that bother me is that, why the freaking hell is he so busy choosing a pants when he will always rip it when he evolve... and who will even be interested to see his green wee wee when he is an ugly Hulk. =.=

And as he return to the US to make the antidote, he encounter another Hulk like creature and they fought till one of them eventually die... lol *boring*...

In the movie, Stan Lee once again plays a cameo role. He accidentally drank a soda contaminated with Edwards blood and turned into something which is not shown.

Lol... what an attention seeker!

Not to be missed is how Starks Corp is infused in the movie. At 1st I thought I saw it wrongly but at the end Tony Stark appeared and wanted to do something with the General.

So I think it will be a Hulk vs Ironman movie out soon...hmm how interesting.

If so why don't just make a Justice League movie, then we will see all the superheroes in one movie. It will be a big seller.

How much does it worth?: Normal weekends rate-RM12

Then we have the movie, Made of Honour.

A very worth watching movie. Laughing my ass off the whole time. With dirty jokes, it can almost be on par with The Simpsons in terms of comedic points.

It's about Tom a casanova which sleeps with any girls he meet with other than Hannah a girl he met accidentally during one of his planned sleepover with Hannah's roommate.

And eventually they became good friends. Then one day Hannah was sent to Scotland for an acquisition trip and fell in love Collin, a Scottish which turn out to be a duke.

So Hannah wants Tom to be the "maid" of honour for their wedding but Tom think otherwise. He has a plan to win Hannah back along the way thru the wedding.

Unforgettable scene:

Collin's Scottish Aunt: (In Scottish) When you guys have a son next time, it will be fine if you name him Arhthol (Arh.hole)
Hannah: Tom, what was your aunt saying?
Collin: *Translate*
Hannah: Oh nono, we are not naming our son Arhthol (Ars.hole)
Collin's Scottish Aunt: But there's many duke in Scotland named Arhthol.
Collin: You know what? We will put it somewhere in the middle as a hidden middle name.

How much does it worth? : Premier Class ticket-RM20

Lastly Kung Fu Panda, one of the long awaited animation.

The whole idea of the story is a fat panda accidentally chose to become the Dragon Warrior.

Obviously he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And during that time, a great villain got escape from the prison and Po, the fat panda is the only one destined to defeat him. Or is he?

The movie only emphasis on Po and the Shifu. The rest of the masters are just merely a cameo, eventhou the big names behind the character.

Angelina Jolie- Tigress, Jackie Chan- Monkey and Lucy Liu- Viper. It's really sad that most of them only get like maximum 40 lines in the movie...

But in the movie there's two character which caught my attention:

Master Oogway (Oo-kwai) gettit?

And also Po's father which happen to be a goose =.=, Mr. Ping. It's weird how half of the character speaks Hongkie English while the rest have the American slang.

I don't think that works really well. It's kinda...not believable.

How much does it worth?: RM10 weekdays rate.


KHR said...

if u noticed da green man onli said 3 words in da whole movie. Hiulk Smash n

Kenny Choo said...

lol as usual la...the Hulk suppose to have the IQ of a 5 how err dumb? hehe

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