Monday, 2 June 2008

Uncontacted Tribe. For Real?

It was on the news a few days ago.

A scouting helicopter flew over a tribe which have no contact at all with the outer world or in another words do not know the existence of their own species (humans) other than their own tribe.

Means they don't blardy know what is the Internet, television, petrol, cement or even clothing.

Crazy man. And they are on of us. Humans.

Whoa damn astonishing. And there's hundred of tribes like this in the Amazon and Africa.

Here's another tribe. I mean it's believable that aborigines do exist and they choose to live in the jungle but they still know there's another world out there.

These "people" must be thinking they are they only one on earth. I mean even endangered animals know that human like us do exist.

Crazy man. They are far more rare than a dinosaur.

So much so, they are being treated like animals too:

The researchers say the tribe's territory is threatened by illegal logging.

Due to their vulnerable immune systems, these groups are highly susceptible to diseases borne by outsiders such as missionaries, loggers, or oil workers.

Really blew me off my seat. Just imagine if you were born into the tribe instead as one of us. Hmm maybe is not too bad after all. Most of us wants so much to have a stress free life. Maybe this is a good solution.

I wonder if the are barbaric? And talking bout that. My fish is turning into one.

And is none other than the puffer fish.

It use to be quiet, but recently it is found guilty of nibbing all the fishes fins. Even the aggressive Tiger Barbs.

Whoa survival of the fittest it seems.

And now it is sentenced to be isolated in a lock up until the rest of the fishes heal their fins.


Nicholas-Y said...

hey kenny,

at least they saw sunlight. joseph fritzl's(austria)children were startled when they saw sunlight!! they were kept in the basement their whole lives!

keep it up kenny!!

Kenny Choo said...

Yeap I saw that. Crazy man. That one is just inhuman.

I mean no one will have the heart to do it to other children and what more this is his own child/grandchild.

Cyren Z. Wong said...

Puffer fish are very agressive. If you like your other fish at all you'd keep him in isolation forever. They don't do well in the wild with other outside their own species (even then..) because they will take a bite out of anything that moves.

If you put him back, when he grows big enough, he's gonna eat up your other fish. That's what happened with my pet clawed frog. And it's not that much different with pufferfish.

Kenny Choo said...

What you say is very true indeed. Now I fed it with red worms and snails. And put at back with the rest now and seems better now

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!