Friday, 6 June 2008

My Very Outdated Cheesie's Get Together Post

As I said, this is really outdated and I shall be the record holder for posting it the last and actually do own a blog...can't compete with those that doesn't have one right? Getit?

So no more long long descriptions (other than if I have to) just pictures... pictures worth a thousand words right? So this will be very lengthy

No switching channel, umph I mean blog. *I should really cut down the time I spend with my TV*

Cheesie's Get Together

The place. (What? It's so random-description needed)

Opposite Maison which is surprisingly close or closed down. Hmmm

Was early so not much people. Just Ringo and her...


Nice interior. We owned the whole upper floor. (Fine, Ringo owned) Fact: the only picture which is viewable that came out from my camera.... so in need for a new one!

Then it's time for intro...

G and Sara.

Then camwhores appeared out of nowhere.

Me, Kate and Joshua

Me, Simon Seow and Joshua

Caught in crime. Ah so candid! The two VIP blogger Ringo and Mayzhee.

Then the real VVIP. Yang Amat Disayangi Cheddie.

Cheddie came with a hood. Hip Hop yo!

Ringo, the very cute Cheddie and the err... me. (No, I'm not strangling Cheddie)

Everyone loves Cheddie.

The only perfect Cheddie looking picture.

No, we are not attached.

Finally Cheddie got fed up with us and dozed off.

Ringo's and Cheddie's belated birthday cake.

Magic show by Sara.

Then a very confusing Mafia game. Mayzhee and Ching (the girl in black) are the Mafias and I'm still alive!

Gamble time. YES it is Chor Dai Di!

She can't deny it with these pictures. She sedang chor di! Throw wrong card la.

Then, it's time for Camps

KY, my partner in crime. But at last being caught by Ching. Hmpf!

Me acting emo. But faildotcom.

The drunken mice outside. Too much booze I guess.

And lastly thanks Ringo for the hair products though I don't have dandruff nor greasy hair. Haha

Thanks Ringo for the invitation, thanks KY for being the official photographer and thank you Joshua and Simon for the pictures. (I think I typed too much 'and') and err that's all!


Simon Seow said...

Kenny, don't worry, you're not the slowest to post this.

Kenny Choo said...

Lol, you also haven't post? Alamak...haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!