Friday, 6 June 2008

Kenny Choo's Calculations On The Hike of Petrol Price And Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Despite having the government saying that the fuel price has increased by a little and they will help out the poor (like me) by giving out a rebate of RM625 annually.

So what does all these crappy complicated numbers means? How much does I need to pay extra every year?

Here's how:

My full tank before price hike: RM50

My full tank now: 2.70/1.92 x RM50= RM70.30

My yearly petrol before price hike: 6 x 12 x RM50= RM3600

My yearly petrol now with the rebate: (6 x 12 x RM70.30) - RM625= RM4436.60

The increase: RM836.60 (+23.24%)

Freaking hell, how is it by paying another 23% will help the poor and the govt? When a poor kid can't even get to university because of that extra burden.

And stop giving me the public transport excuses. I also hope I can use that, giving the fact that I can sleep and do my own stuff while waiting. But there's no freaking way I can get to Taylors from Bandar Damai Perdana.

If my car were to vanish now, this is how I go to uni.

Taxi to bus stop (11km) --> Bus to LRT station--> (20km) --> LRT to KTM--> Slow KTM to Subang -->*Bus from KTM (20km)

*hopefully that particular bus do exist!

I think no way this alternative will be cheaper and I serious have no other alternative to opt the taxi part with. And imagine how long it will take.

So the only rational to take now is to save save save. Cut down Milo Ais, Sushi Zanmai, far journey to the end of Selangor, etc etc.

And thrifty driving is also the way to be. After doing some research about reducing fuel consumption there's actually lotsa taboos when driving that will cause excessive fuel wastage.

Such as you have to service your car as often as possible, make sure your tyres are at the right pressure all the time, and many more boring stuff which will turn you into a nerdy driver.

So, I then came out with my top 10 list of ways to reduce petrol consumption. Note: it's proven to work and any other things are just up to you

#1: Pull off the brake cable of your car. That will ensure you that you will not speed unnecessarily and drive at the slowest speed you can possibly drive :)

#2: Please pay the toll whenever you foresee a jam or even when you know there will be lotsa traffic lights ahead. Believe me RM2.50 worth of petrol will not bring you very far compared to the petrol you lost.

#3: When ever you reached a long traffic light. Turn off your engine and open the windows. Lol to make sure you don't die in there.

#4: Always drive in the 3rd lane at your preferred speed. Then you will have no obstacles ahead (slow cars) that you will need to brake at and there will be lotsa fast cars lining behind you. *seeks attentions*

#5: Drive out before the sun is out. Then you can save on air con and will not stuck in jam. Can always continue your sleep later in school or office.

#6: Multitasks when you know you are driving out. Go get your bread, bank in your money, cut your hair, etc before you go clubbing. *Remember to bring the bread along*

#7: Contrary to normal belief, don't ever start your car ahead to heat up. It doesn't do any help to your car and it's a waste of petrol.

#8: Know your roads well. If A to B is jam or too far. Always know your lorongs, jalan sehalas and taman perumahans well to make sure you will always have an alternative. And avoid bumpy roads as well, you'll get that a lot in Msia

#9: Only buy petrol in the morning or at night. Colder temperature will ensure that you will get more out of your purchases. I bet you didn't know that.

#10: And the most important of all, always run when you see a car pooler approaching you. Wei Sam, you will find this handy. Haha

All the techniques are meant for lesser fuel consumption without giving a fuck for the rest of the aspects. Good luck!


Sewjin said...

tumpang kawan!

Kenny Choo said...

*turn around and run furiously* haha for a funny guy like you. anytime! :)

Simon Seow said...

walk if it's only 5 to 10 minutes walking distance.


sell backside to get more income.

Johnny Ong said...

yeah, agree with yr suggested steps ..... hehe pull off the brake cables????

Kenny Choo said...

Simon Seow: My house is on top of a deserted hill, walk down to the nearest bus station also 25 minutes d. T.T

Johny Ong: Haha that particular one is to be done on other people's car! haha :P

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

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