Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Why am I thrill? Not that I finish photoshopping the 1st set of the pictures but it's Penny. At last she did a duet.

It's with Victor Wong. Yeap the less successful partner of Micheal Wong. *the Tong Hua fella if you are a banana**still dunno? fine, some popular dude from Msia*

Ban Sheng Shou (Half-cooked)- Penny Tai and Victor Wong.

Didn't know that a twin guitar existed. It's so weird to see them play together. Look like a mutated guitarist with 4 arms. Haha.

Kinda surprise that they actually did it, realising the fact that Victor Wong only duet with Fish Leung *yeap the ah lian singer from Msia too*

Here's how: 3 freaking duets...
Way Back Into Love
Ming Ming Hen Ai Ni
K Ge Qing Ren

It starts to look like a love triangle now. Haha why do Msians only do Msians?

And on a very different note, here's a scene from Desperate Housewives:

Facts to know for the scene...
Fact 1: Wisteria Lane was hit by a tornado and Bree's house is wrecked.
Fact 2: Bree's son is a gay. (a rebellious one)
Fact 3: The contractor who suppose to fix Bree's house just broke up with his boyfriend and don't have the mood to take up the job.

Here's it is:

Bree: Here's my son. A proud and open gay! Just like you.
Son: Since when? *referring to the proud and open statement*
Bree: Since the day I know bout it and I was proud of that *cough* (Bree was an closed minded mum)
Son: Mum, can I see you in the kitchen?
Bree: Sure!

Son: What the hell is that?
Bree: Mr. (insert contractor's name) is a great gentlemen. (old and ugly)
Son: Yah, he is totally off my standard.
Bree: Well son, you know the condition of our house and he is the only contractor around...

Son: What? Mum! Are you trying to pimp me off to get your roof fix?
Bree: No!! The roof and the windows too.

Crazy man. In Wisteria Lane, nothing is off the limit. They will really can go the distance and that include killing their spouses.


Kevin Tan said...

the roof and the windows too!!


Kenny Choo said...


My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!